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Travel Time!

Hello, hello! We are on the road, well really up in the air, taking it across country for the next few weeks. On Thursday, we drove to Atlanta to stop in and see some family. Eaaarly Friday morning, we left for the airport, and flew out to Seattle, Washington. We are staying here for a few day and then hopping back on a plane to head to Kauai, Hawaii. We will be living it up there for about a week and then heading back home. Of course, we figured we would make a stop and stay in Las Vegas for a few days. Then it’s back to Atlanta to catch up with family again, and home sweet home to Charleston, SC.

What’s the reason for all of this?? Good friends and a wedding! Not our wedding (that was almost 4 years ago!), but some of our closest friends are getting married in Hawaii. We decided to take the opportunity to visit another good friend in Seattle and then to try out Vegas on the way back.

While we both love traveling, it can be extremely hard to find healthy food on vacation and in the airports. Especially when we have decided to go “plant-based” since the last time we flew anywhere for a vacation. Usually in the car, we have unlimited space, so we can pack food and stop at Whole Foods for lunch. No such luck at the airport. I knew Seattle would have a plethora of places to reenergize from, so I packed some snacks for the drive to Atlanta and our flights across the US. I focused on tasty, easy to travel with, not-too-perishable, and able to fit into my gigantic purse (along with my wallet, our camera bag, and a few other miscellaneous items). Here is what we packed:

 The dried seaweed snacks are crispy, light, and very tasty. Seaweed is full of vitamins and minerals, which make it a fantastic travel snack. We also packed some lightly sweetened naturally-dried mango and papaya instead of jerky, a little sparkling water instead of soda, and some roots vegetable chips instead of regular chips. Ok, ok, I know the chips aren’t really healthy, but they are a little better than traditional chips (more fiber and more flavor).  The ginger chews are to help with nausea because I have a tendency to feel a little yucky in my tummy when I travel.

 So the main tips to keep it healthy when you travel:

1)      Hydrate! Drink lots of water and limit the caffeine and sugar. It will help you to stay awake and keep your digestive tract in check.

2)      Pack your own snacks. Make space in your bag to bring your own food in case there isn’t anywhere you are going.

3)      Sleep! It sounds like a foreign concept sometimes when we are on the road, but try to get a little shut eye. It keeps your mood and your digestive tract in check.

4)      Take a few moments of downtime. Carve out 5 minutes to sit and simply breathe. Shut your eyes, focus on your breath, and let the somewhat fast-pace of traveling and catching flights/rides slowly fade for a few moments.


Stay tuned for travel updates as we check out all Seattle has to offer for the health-conscious traveler. I’m sure we won’t be let down.


Peace, love, and travels,



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