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Seattle Day 2

The weather back home is so hot! It’s already making me forget about the gorgeous fall-like weather we had throughout our trip, especially in Seattle. Of course, everyone in Seattle was telling us about the “heat-wave” they were experiencing. It was chilly in the morning, so we stopped for coffee before heading to check out the foliage and the boats  at the locks.

Since the weather for us felt amazing, we decided to grab lunch at an outdoorcafé called Wayward Vegan and then head for a hike to Twin Falls.

We ended up driving towards Seattle College area, because we heard there might be a pizza place that served vegan pizza. And there was. There was also a vegan café across the street, so we headed there for even more options.

The Wayward Café is heaven for people who want some vegan grub. Not everything in the restaurant is healthy, but it’s all vegan. It’s similar to vegan bar food, but in a good way.The menu featured sandwiches, wraps, salads, desserts of all kinds. They also had an all gluten free portion of the menu, with tons of fabulous choices. If there is a gluten-free option, I usually take it. I don’t have an allergy or intolerance, per se, but I tend to feel pretty awful if I eat too much gluten. Anyway, I ordered the TST (Tempeh Bacon, Spinach, and Tomato) on a brown rice wrap. It was super simple and absolutely delicious.

My husband went a little more out of the box and ordered the vegan Monte-Cristo – Turkey and Ham on a French Toast Sandwich. As I said before, not all items are healthy, but sometimes you just need some grub.  He enjoyed it, but we are both bigger fans of tempeh items than of vegan “deli” meats.

Afterward we were fueled up, we headed out for our hike through the woods. The hike was perfect – not too intense, but enough of a challenge to keep you engaged. The hike was a total of 3 miles and at the highest elevation 1000ft – which is huge compared to the below sea level elevation of the “Lowcountry” in SC. Along the hike, we saw beautiful views of the mountain and the two waterfalls, we played in the river and on the trees, and took tons of pictures. We even stopped at the BIGGEST tree I’ve ever seen. We had a fantastic time.

After the hike, we stopped by a pub in the mountain town of North Bend to watch our teams game. Go Gators! We treated ourselves to a post-hike brew – mine being Gluten Free. It was delicious, even for someone who doesn’t drink much beer, and completely wheat-free.

We headed home after a long, happily tired day, we headed home to rest up for our next portion of the trip.

Tune in for the last 2 days of our Seattle trip!

Peace and love,


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