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Meditation Challenge

Happy November! Hopefully your holiday season is off to a great start. If any of you or any of your loved ones were affected recently by Hurricane Sandy – positive thoughts are being sent out for you. As we start the holiday season, it’s easy to start to feel bogged down and affected by all that life throws at your – even more so than before.  There are parties, shopping, spending, cooking, on top of your everyday busy lives. It can leave us stressed out and more than a little grumpy, rather than blissful and full of holiday cheer. Because of this, I have decided to partake in a 21-day meditation challenge (along with several members and teachers at a local studio), held by Deepak Chopra and the Chopra Center for Meditation.  The theme for this challenge is “Creating Abundance”. Abundance means whatever you need it to – anything positive you wish to bring to your life.

Honestly, I am not always the greatest at sticking with meditation. Having a challenge to meet and a group to help guide me, will give me the motivation to keep going. When I do mediate regularly, I feel more at ease and a bit lighter through my mind – like some of the mental baggage has been checked and returned. So try today’s meditation, join in the challenge, and find a more refreshed you! Just in time to feel energized for the holidays.

Today’s meditation is made up of a centering thought “Today, I behold all the abundance that surrounds me”, as well as a mantra So Hum (I am). Take a few moments (maybe even just 5). Sit quietly and comfortable, with a tall spine. Take 5 deep, even breaths. Think to yourself “Today I behold all the abundance that surrounds me” 5 times. Imagine yourself creating and drawing in that which is abundant to you. Then simply start to focus on the breath again, 5 deep and even breaths. Slowly and silently repeat to yourself “So” (as you inhale) and “Hum” (as you exhale). You can also replace “So Hum” with “I am” if that jives better with you.

So as the holiday season gets busy and starts to become more weary than wonderful. This is one of the few ways to find a little peace (and peace of mind).

More on this topic coming up later in the week, as well as a few more seasonal recipes.

Peace, love, and a clear mind,


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