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Vision Board for Manifestation

Hello all! Hopefully January is treating you well and you were all able to set some intentions for the year ahead. One of my favorite ways to keep myself looking forward to what the year will bring, and trying to see all of the things I wish to bring into my life, is by making a vision board.

A vision Board can be more than a January intention or New Years’ resolution.  It can be a very powerful tool to help guide you along your path. And it’s pretty easy to do! All you need to do is find some quotes, magazines, pictures, etc that inspire you and cause a bit of stirring in your heart (the good kind).; a cork board; and some thumbtacks. Once you find enough items to fill out your board, start filling it in. The great thing is that you can change it whenever you get the feeling. And sometimes it helps you to gain some perspective on what it really is that you wish to manifest.

A few nights ago, my husband and I sat down and started our 2013 vision boards. I was updating mine from last year and he was starting his first one – which he is still working on.  I was able to see that a few of the things from last year I was able to accomplish and bring into my life, while a few others no longer held any purpose for me. I am excited to see what this year holds 🙂2012 Visions 2013 Vision Board

Another option is to create a virtual vision board on Pinterest. I created a board (and will continue updating it) throughout the year. You can follow it and maybe even create your own.

Have fun and let the manifesting begin!


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