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The Secret to Releasing Negativity

You know that voice in your head? The one that tells you to stop what you are doing, you aren’t good enough, and you can’t. You know that feeling in your body and your gut? The one that feels like sluggishness, bloating, and a buildup of stress? What if I told you these often go hand-in –hand and I knew of a way to help start to ease them?

First of all, you aren’t alone. Most people feel these things; it’s just that we are taught to be ladies and gentlemen, to put on our happy faces, and to keep all of these things a secret. Well here is the deal: what we put into our body and what we think often result in the same thing – toxins. We become a toxic waste ground for all of these negative thoughts, emotions, foods, bacteria, and stress. If these stay buried, they are likely to exacerbate and can even lead to disease.

What to do? First of all, give yourself a break. We are human. We are not perfect. Secondly, take a look at your diet. If it’s processed, try eating more fruits and veggies. Thirdly, take a seat on your yoga mat. It’s time to twist, fold, and breath out the old, the stagnant, and the toxifying. AND it’s time to breathe in and open to the new, the fresh, and the pure.

When we practice yoga that focuses on twists and folds (both forward and back), we wring out and compress most of our vital organs. Think of a dish towel. It starts clean. You use it and add a lot of gunk. If you don’t rinse it, you end up using it up completely. If you care for it, rinse it, wring it out, and squeeze it, you are able to use it again.

As we detox, we also open into the places of tension, such as the heart center, shoulders, and the hips. These are areas are often filled with tension, emotions, and stress. When we release them, we release out the negativity and we create space for the positive. Add in some breath to work the body further, clear the sinuses, push out the old, and draw into the new, and you have a well rounded detox practice. Yup, the Whole Shebang!

Try my full length Energy Flow Detox Yoga practice over on YouTube or Pinterest. For more on detoxing and why it’s vital in the Springtime, sign up for the weekly newsletter.

Happy Wednesday workout to you all! Twist, fold, breathe, and renew!

Peace and love,


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