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Sinus Relief the Natural Way

Ahhh, that drippy, stuffy, congested feeling that comes along with springtime. Once the pollen starts drifting through the air, we usual have to succumb to the drowsiness and numbness from popping too much Sudafed. There has to be a better way!

And there is. Here are my Top 5 ways to get rid of sinus pressure and congestion:

1)      Local Honey/Pollen: this is a preventative measure that will help you all year round. Now, for those of you who are vegan and forgo honey, go ahead and skip to steps 2-5, otherwise read on. When you eat local honey, your body gets used to the small amounts of pollen within the honey, similar to how a vaccine works. Then when spring comes and you are exposed to it, there is less reaction.  You can also take small amounts of pollen by the spoonful to help build your immunity. Try this or try a spoonful of honey in your daily tea/coffee/hot water.

2)      Neti Pot: It looks like a tea pot with a long spout, but you definitely wouldn’t want to drink out of this one. Mix some salt (they sell the proper mixture at your local drugstore) with distilled warm water, and pour into your nostril. Yup, that’s right, pour it into one nostril and let it come out the other. Then switch sides. It will clear out your sinus pressure, flush them out, and dry them up.

3)      Eucalyptus: Remember when you would feel congested and your Mom would break out the Vicks rub? Well, Eucalyptus works like that, minus the yucky petroleum. Put a few drops in some oil or lotion and rub on your chest. Or even place a few drops in your steamy shower or vaporizer to breathe in and clear your sinuses.

4)      Nettleleaf Tea: Nettle leaf is an astringent and is anti-inflammatory, which means that it helps to dry up the mucus membrane and release some of the inflammation caused by sinuses.

5)      Cut out Dairy: Dairy causes mucus build up in the body. Think about it – you drink a glass of milk, and you feel that thick coating in the back of your throat. That’s mucus, and the mucus membrane in the whole body reacts this way. Inflammation builds, the throat feels itchy, and congestion builds. Your sinuses get very much irritated. For this one, simply cut out dairy (yes, even cheese and yogurt) and start the sinus prevention. For more on this topic, sign up for the weekly newsletter where we discuss the ins and outs of inflammation.

When your sinuses get inflamed, or you know you’re prone to it in the spring, try one of these remedies. They are natural and sure to keep you out of the Sudafed daze.

Stay tuned for more on inflammation and raw foods this week!

Peace and love,


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