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Treat Yo’ Self!

In the words of Tom Haverford – Treat Yo’ Self! Once in awhile, you’ve gotta let it go (all the stress, the responsibilities, the duties, the schedules) and just make time for yourself.

Yesterday, I had a million-and-one things to do. Teach classes, meet with clients, head to the store, meet with my friend for coffee, teach another class, and head to a writing group. Two of these were purely social engagements – no real responsibility behind them. I was stressed about my list of things. I thought, for a good while, about canceling my social plans. And then I thought – how crazy is this? I am stressed, so I am going to cancel the part of my day that will help me de-stress? This is ridiculous. All of the responsibilities will get done eventually. The world will keep turning, whether I go to the grocery store today or tomorrow.

The key point is – make time for yourself. Make time to do the things that YOU enjoy. Make time for a cup of tea with a friend, meet with a group and discuss your favorite book, go to yoga, Heck – go to Zumba – just take a time out and recharge. The more you care for yourself, the better you will be able to take care of others and the responsibilities ahead of you.


You wouldn’t use your phone all the time without recharging it would you? Why not do the same for your body and mind?

Today, I have for you one of my favorite ways to unwind and recharge – flowing yoga. In this week’s class, you’ll learn to reconnect to your body and mind by opening through your heart and your hips – the areas of emotion, stress, and compassion. As you flow through, listen to your heart, feel the emotions that are releasing. Breath, release, open, and let go.  Find this week’s video on YouTube and Pinterest, as well as all of the previous videos. You can even subscribe to the YouTube channel and get weekly updates right to your email.

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Peace and love,


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