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DIY: Chocolate Milk

*No cow milking required*

Dreamy Chocolate Milk

Craving something sweet? In the mood for chocolate? Keep it healthy, and keep it delicious by making your very own chocolate milk. And I;m not talking the syrup and cow’s milk combo we all grew up on. I’m talking raw almond milk, lightly and naturally sweetened, with a hint of vanilla, and delicious dark chocolate.

Now why make your own? Why not buy Chocolate Almond Milk at the store? Because this is the real deal – or at least, the NEW and IMPROVED real deal. It’s mostly raw and full of digestive enzymes. It’s free of artificial sweeteners and chemical stabilizers. And you can keep the sugaar content low overall.

DIY Chocolate Almond Milk:

You’ll need a blender, a nut milk bag, a pitcher, and a mason jar

2 cups almond milk (Follow instructions for DIY almond milk – not the store-bought kind)

10 dates, chopped and pitted

1 cup water

1/2 cup dark chocolate baking powder (raw cacao powder would work well too!)

1-2 tsp pure vanilla extract


Add ingredients to blender. Blender until smooth. Place nut milk bag in pitcher. Pour 1/4 of chocolate mixture into nut milk bag. Squeeze to wring out the liquid. This may require some pressure. I felt as if I was milking a cow – or what I imagine it may be like, but will never try because I don’t drink cows milk. Empty chocolate goo from nut milk bag and SAVE it (in the refrigerator), we’ll use it  in a recipe later next week. Repeat until the blender is empty. Pour from the pitcher into your mason jar. Seal it tight. Or drink it right away. It yummy, satisfying, and healthy. No guilt, just goodness.

Enjoy your weekend! Next week it’s all about the camping! See how to Fuel Your Life in the great outdoors!

Peace and love,




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