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Wednesday Workout: Prana Awakening Flow

Sometimes, my energy feels zapped. I know it’s in there, but I just can’t seem to find it. Sometimes it occurs as a foggy head. Other times I feel tired. And sometimes I just want to sit and watch a marathon of Buffy (Love it!).  But I know that deep down, my energy is waiting, stuck somewhere, looking to be released.

On these days, I look to my practice to wake me up. In yoga, energy is referred to as Prana, or the Lifeforce. It is constantly circulating within us, but due to physical, mental, and spiritual blocks, sometimes it gets stuck or restricted. If we take an energetic approach to our practice, we can begin to tap into this energy, starting with the spine.

In most aspects of health – Chiropractic, Western medicine, Eastern Chakra system- there are centers along the spine that transport signals, energy, or neural responses into the rest of the body. We can imagine that the Prana travels up and down the spine- balancing between being too grounded aka sluggish, and too energized aka frantic and frazzled – and then reaches out into the limbs. As we move, we can imagine and feel that energy starting to travel and work through the body to awaken our spirit, mind, and body.

In today’s workout (on Pinterest and YouTube), we do just this. It sounds so serious, but this is a very playful practice. Much like a dance. You tune into your needs and move however feels best for you. Give it a try and awaken you Prana.

Move. Live. Energize.

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Peace and love,


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