Wednesday Workout: Not So Routine Running

I used to run all the time. It was my go-to workout. It was free, it was always available, and it was a great way to get outside and explore. My favorite running paths are usually around cities or towns where I never have to make any loops and I get to explore the streets, shops, and homes that I pass by. I haven’t been running much lately. It’s not that I don’t love it. It’s just that I was burnt out from it for while and now I have found so many other workouts I also love. And so many classes that I teach, that I don’t feel the need to get out and run.

Until I hear a song from my playlists. A song that makes me feel like I want to fly. And then I really want to run, and I want to run fast!

I used to take my runs slow and steady (which is exactly what you should do when you first start), but somewhere along the line I found I had picked up a love for speed. I love short burst that go along with my music, or the path I’m running, followed by the tiny release into a slightly slower run.

Today I challenge you to find a fun, energetic playlist, with lots of highs and lows (but not too low) and go for it. Run with the music. Move with the rhythm and the lifts.

Here are my top 5 favorite running songs:

These might surprise you, as they are not my usual yoga mixes 😉 

Neil Young: Rockin’ in the Free World

Fall Out Boy: Sugar We’re Going Down

Jimmy Eat World: A Praise Chorus

Michael Franti and Spearhead: The Thing that Helps me Get Through

My Chemical Romance: Famous Last Words

Give them a try or find your own inspiration! Tune into the music and move with it. Soar and run!

For a few after run/spin/walk/cardio/sittingtoolong stretches, head over to The House of Healthy YouTube Channel or HouseofHealthyTV on Pinterest!

Peace and love ,


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