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DIY Kombucha

DIY what?!? What the heck is a kom-boo-cha?

Kombucha is that expensive drink you see yogis and health nuts purchasing at your local Whole Foods. It tastes like wine, because it is fermented tea (it can contain trace amounts of alcohol because of this, FYI). And it’s slightly carbonated from the fermentation, so if you shake it, it explodes. All around, it’s a good time.

Kombucha is fermented tea. You ferment it with a SCOBY, often referred to as a “Mother” and stands for symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast, which is a culture that feeds on the sugar from the tea as it ferments. It is also full of probiotics and enzymes, which many believe make it a must-have drink for health.

Even though it is expensive at the store, it is quite simple to make at home. The hardest part is getting hold of a SCOBY, You can purchase them online, grow your own, or have someone give you their “baby” from their “mother”. I did the latter. In th past, I grew my own. It was easy, but not quite as strong of a SCOBY as I have now. I bought a bottle of kombucha, emptied it into a wide-mouthed glass container, covered it,a nd let it sit on my counter for 7 days. And it grew a Momma.

This time a friend gave me hers.

Kombucha Collage

The process itself is super simple. Brew enough sweet tea to fill your container – boil water, add black tea, seep, add 1 cup sugar. Let it cool until it is around 109 degrees. Pour into a large container along with the SCOBY and a little bit of your previous batch or fresh kombucha. Cover with a lid, and maybe a dishcloth. make sure it is sealed tightly as fruitflies LOVE kombucha! Store in a cool, dry place. Like a countertop or cabinet. After 7 or so days, take it out. Pour it into a pitcher, leaving enough in your container to cover your SCOBY. Let it sit covered on the counter for at least an hour, or even overnight, to increase the amount of bubbles. Then store in the refrigerator. You can also flavor it by adding herb leaves, fresh juice, or squeezing a lemon into it. I usually make a lemon, ginger, or mint Kombucha to increase the digestive benefits.


Serve in a glass, over ice if you prefer, and enjoy!

Have a vibrant and happy weekend!

Peace and love,


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