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A Delicious and Green Mango Smoothie Recipe

Mangoes always scream warm weather, sunshine and summer to me. As soon as the warmer weather hits, I start

Green Mango Smoothie adding them to my smoothies, chop some up for my meals and even popping a few frozen mango bites straight from the freezer. Mango is known to high in vitamin C and fibber, as well as many other important micronutrients and enzymes.

When buying fresh mangoes, look for ones that are only slightly soft and have a bit of red, as well as green, on the skin. If you’ve never sliced open a mango before, no worries, it is easier than it seems to peel and eat. Fresh mango can be sliced away from the seed (a big panel in the center of the fruit) and cubed to peel right off of the skin. If it seems a little too complicated, frozen mangoes can be found in any grocery store, ready to pop into your smoothies right away.

Mangoes are quite sweet and are often used in desserts in Thai and Indian cuisines. This slight sweetness makes them perfect for blending them into a smoothie, especially a green one. The light yellow color of mango is easily masked by the green of your smoothie, so your green smoothie becomes a sneaky sweet treat. It makes it perfect for getting kids, or perhaps yourself, to consume and enjoy a healthy dose of green.

This tasty smoothie recipe packs a punch with raw foods, greens, and tons of nutrients and enzymes, along with that touch of sweetness you’ll love.

Mango Green Smoothie:

Makes approximately 1 serving

1/2 mango (fresh or frozen)

1 handful spinach

1 frozen banana

1/2 cup unsweetened vanilla coconut milk

Throw it all in a blender and blend until smooth.

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