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Power Up your Yoga

A few weeks ago, I took a fantastic weekend long workshop at a local yoga studio. It was half yoga class, half teacher training. And I left the weekend with a renewed spark for my first yoga love – Power Yoga.

Power yoga is a vinyasa style that focuses on building heat in the body, increasing your awareness and use of the breath, and building up the power within you. It also tends to be pretty fast paced, which makes it an intense but heart pumping yoga class.

The basis of the class is the Sun Salutation. The Sun Salutation links your movements to each part of your breath in a flowing cycle. You build support from your breath to power through and you really invigorate the body.

Today, I have for you a quick video to learn the Power Yoga Sun Salutation series, which as much as I hate to admit it, happens to be a great workout and a calorie burner. Maybe start incorporating this to your own yoga practice, or at the beginning of your core work for a little extra boost.

Stay tuned tomorrow for a delicious recipe!

Peace and love,


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