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Green Living: Summertime Skin Savers

I know, I know. The biggest skin saver – don’t go out in the sun. But sometimes, a girl just needs a little sunshine and some Vitamin D.

This was the case yesterday. It has been very hot out here. And I wanted a nice, cool workout. So I headed to the pool to get my workout on. And catch up on my summertime reading list. Needless to say, I slathered on some eco-friendly sunscreen and hit the pool. I worked out, swam, read, and lounged.

When I got home, I headed to the shower and grabbed my two summertime skin savers: Coconut Oil and Peppermint Lotion.

Skin Savers

Coconut Oil is a skin saving must-have in the summertime. As it peppermint (or just mint) lotion. Why? Much like aloe vera, they are cooling and moisturizing to help your skin recover if you have spent time outside.

And they are simple to use.

Before you get in the shower, dry rub your skin with a towel or bristle brush to remove some of the chlorine and dead skin. Then slather on some coconut oil. It will help cool and moisturize your skin, plus it will lock in the moisture when exposed to water. Oil + Water = not friends.

Shower as you normally do.

You may notice your skin already feels cooler and softer post shower, but add some minty lotion anyway. It will help moisturize and cool further.

Repair. Renew. Simple as that.

How do you recover after too much (or just a little) sun?

Peace and love,


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