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Ramen Delight

It’s hot out! But for some reason, the other night I was craving soup. Specifically, Ramen noodles. Not the prepackaged stuff college students dreams are made of. I wanted real Ramen noodles with broth and veggies. I think it was a commercial I kept seeing – ugh, (not so) subliminal messages!

I decided to give it a try. Now, FYI, soups are not my specialty. Unless it is blended and creamy, it always tastes bland. I learned with this soup, you just need to let it sit awhile – the leftovers were better than the original!

Ramen Noodles

Ramen Delight:

2 servings (brown) rice noodles (not the spaghetti kind, the “asian” noodle kind)

1 large carrot

1/2 onion, chopped

1/2 cup peas (frozen)

1/4 cup corn (frozen)

1 large package (low sodium) vegetable broth

1-2 tsp vegan worcestershire sauce

2-3 tbsp tamari

garlic powder to taste

sea salt to taste

Boil water to cook noodles in a separate pan according to the directions. Heat the broth on high. Chop your veggies and add them to the broth. Add in the frozen peas and corn. Stir and add in your sauces and seasonings. Heat until the broth is boiling slightly and the veggies are a bit soft. Drain and rinse your noodles and add them to the broth when finished cooking. stir, taste, and adjust. You can serve immediately to let it sit and combine a little longer. The noodles will thicken up a bit if they sit in the liquid. It’s tasty and much, much healthier than package ramen. I promise!

Peace and love,


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