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Mango Cashew Ice Cream

Hope you all had a wonderful Labor Day weekend!

We enjoyed time outside, a baseball game with friends, summertime cocktails on  a rooftop, and even some yard work. What was your favorite thing about the weekend?

One of my favorite “treats” for along weekend is making my own vegan ice cream. It’s simple, minimal ingredients, and comes together in no time. This time, I used some cashews to make it extra creamy, with a little nutty taste.

Mango Cashew Ice Cream

Mango Cashew Ice Cream:

1 cup frozen mango chunks

1/2 cup soaked raw cashews

water if needed to thin out

Blend until smooth and enjoy!

You may need to freeze it for a few minutes (up to an hour) to harden before you eat it. If you leave it in the freeze for awhile, take it out for a few minutes to soften.
As for Workout Wednesday – next week will begin the Barre Series, where I will feature quick and efficient Barre workouts that you can practice throughout the day or complete them all back to back for a full length workout. Each week, I will release a new one for you to try! So get ready for the 1st of the Barre Series next week!
Peace and Love,

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