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Grab N Go Healthy-Style

Let’s face it. Most of us live busy on-the-go lifestyles. And this can be very good – when all of the busy things are things you love. And sometimes, this busyness is just a list of things we need to check off before our head hits the pillow and we can start it all over again. I’ve been there. And it started to make me quite sick. I didn’t like the hours, the stress, or the racing thoughts about getting through one day so I could get to bed (often too late), rush to get up in the morning, and rush through my day just to get back to bed. But more on that at another time…

How does all of this relate to food?

A busy lifestyle usually ends up meaning one of three things:

1) You are too busy to eat so you don’t eat all day and maybe eat one meal at night.
2) You are too busy to cook, but are very hungry, so you live off drive-thrus and processed, packaged “foods”.
3) You try to cook ahead of time, or bring your lunch to work, only to be underwhelmed by the lack of freshness once you get a chance to eat it (this was my pitfall).

Each of these has there downfalls, but the main thing holds true – food should be good for you, and help you get fueled and energized for the day.

In this week’s video, I offer 5 easy and healthy choices of meals and snacks that you can make ahead of time and bring with you. Some take a little more time than others, so you can decide which works best for your schedule and lifestyle.

Happy (and healthy!) grab-n-go eating!

Stay tuned for the meal plans in the next week!

Peace and Love,


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