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Wednesday Workout: Sleek and Sculpted Arms Week 1

Thanks for standing by this week – I was sidelined with a sinus headache and technical difficulties but things seem to be back on track now! Enjoy the workout and look for the newsletter and Healthy Living Tip coming at you tomorrow!

Happy Wednesday Workout!

It a new week and a new series! This week, we are starting the Sleek and Sculpted Arm Series. In this 5 week series, you’ll learn simple and effective arm exercises that can be done with light (2-3lb weights) or no weight at all, such as in today’s video. In this video you’ll use your own body to tone and firm up the entire arm (and maybe even a bit of the core ;)).  I promise, these are not your ordinary arm exercises! They will really help to tone up and sculpt all the hard to reach places on your arms, including the ever dreaded back of the arm.

Have fun with it and look for the next videos releasing each week!

Peace and Love,


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