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Wednesday Workout: Sleek and Sculpted Arms Week 2

Happy Workout Wednesday!

I hope you all are having a fabulous week and haven’t indulged in TOO much candy yet – just the normal, appropriate Halloween week amount 😉 In case you have, I’ve got a low-intensity, highly effective arm workout for you in week 2 of the Sleek and Sculpted Arm Series. 

This week, we will add in light weights to help add a little resistance to our arms moves. Use weights that are no heavier than 3 lbs – honestly, 2 lb weights are my preferred weight for this and all my arm exercises.

Why so light? This is something I get asked a lot in my classes and something that students have a hard time agreeing to 🙂 Heavy weights don’t always mean a better workout. Sometimes it means we throw our back into the move or over compensate with our neck and shoulders muscles. Basically, it can lead to injury and not-so-sculpted arms. With light weights, you are really just adding to your own muscle resistance, so you feel the squeeze of each move a little more. Light weights help you keep your form and tap into your core for a better, efficient workout.

Check it out!

Have a great workout and a Happy Halloween – in case I miss you tomorrow!

What is your favorite healthy Halloween treat? Leave a comment below and let’s discuss!

Peace and Love,


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