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What I am Thankful For

I can’t believe it is already Thanksgiving week here in the states! I thought I would switch things up a bit for today and let you know one of the things that I am MOST thankful for…

You. All of you. The new viewers. The people who have been here since the beginning. The readers who stop by occasionally. And the die-hard, everyday readers. I am so thankful for all of you. You keep me inspired, keep me dreaming (and if I am one thing, it’s a dreamer), and let me create more and more for you all.

So thank you all.

And because of you all, I have been able to reach towards one of my dreams. I launched a program over the summer – 21 Day End of Summer Detox – which featured a 3 week program to detox all of the summer indulgence. During this time, I wrote an ebook/eguide. And then I realized – this would make a great book! Like, a REAL book. In book stores. On shelves. Online. Available to each and every person that might need it. And this is how I became inspired to send off my manuscript, ideas, and dreams to a publisher.

You see, I am thankful also for being able to listen to my inner voice, inner guide, true self – whatever it is you call it. There have been a few times where I just KNEW I should do something, without hesitation, without fear, and without overthinking it. I knew this about moving to Charleston, about dating my husband, about training for yoga, and when I was little – I knew this about my career. As a kid, up until about 19 years old, I knew, without a doubt that I wanted to be a teacher and a writer. In middle school, the writing part faded away (it wasn’t “cool” and I so very much wanted to be “cool”), but I remained firm in my ground that I would be a teacher.

But then I got to college and realized I didn’t really like the school systems. I changed paths a few times, stumbled, succeeded, fell back down, and slowly emerged as Yoga Teacher and a Writer, with a full schedule of class, a blog, and a book deal. Somehow my childhood dream, my guide, manifested itself, in a very different way than I ever though it would, but definitely in the way I know it was meant to.

So this year, I am thankful to all of you for letting me trust my inner voice, for letting me live my dreams, and for allowing me to help you all live the happy, healthy lives you deserve!

I promise to give more details throughout the year about the Book. For now, check out the announcement post, the new program coming in January – 28 Days to a Healthier You, sign up for the exclusive 28 Days program newsletter (you’ll get the insider scoop!), and check out this fun video below.

Oh! And if you are in need of some holiday meal ideas, download the Healthy Holiday Eats and Treats Guide or check out the Institute for Integrative Nutrition Gluten Free Guide.

And of course,

Peace and Love,


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