Holiday/ Weekly Tip

Healthy Holiday Tips: Stick to Your Routine

The Holidays are here and with that comes time off of work, possible travel, a change in your schedule, and lots of possible shifts in your daily routines and habits.

Holidays (whether one day or a month-long vacation) are meant to be fun, re-energizing, and good for the soul. But sometimes being out of your normal routine can start to make you feel unhealthy in your mind, body, and spirit. When you have a normal daily routine, whether it is über healthy or just something that you automatically do everyday, getting out of that routine, even for one day can stress you out – physically and mentally. It might sound dramatic, but for some people, stepping out of their routines throws off their entire lifestyle. This stress might be minimal, or be might lead to a full on fun-draining, panic-attack. Either way, there are some things you can to stay healthy, happy, and sane while on vacation. Today I share with you some simple tips to stick with your daily routine and keep you holidays, happy, healthy, and uplifting!

What are your morning routines? What do you everyday to keep you centered? Let’s discuss below!

Tune in tomorrow for a grounding, digestion enhancing core workout.

Until then…

Peace and Love,


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