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5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Digestion

There are times when you might get an upset stomach, nausea, or heart burn. And these might become even more so around the holidays when you are eating other people’s cooking, indulging more, or feeling stressed. All of these can diminish your digestive fire, or agni, leaving you feeling uncomfortable and not well. 

Agni is the Ayurvedic term for digestive fire that refers to the body’s ability to absorb all of the nutrients and doshic qualities of your food. Simply put, digestive fire is the key to truly digesting everything you eat with less stomach upsets and rumbles.

In today’s video we will talk about  5 easy ways to keep your digestive fire stoked, for the holidays and beyond.

HOH Easy Digestion

PS Please excuse the bells in the background, and beware of the loud bark around minute 3:05. She’s a sweety, but she’s got a deep voice 😉

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What are some ways you ease digestive troubles? How do you keep your digestion on track even over the holidays?

Leave a comment and let’s discuss!

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