Holiday/ Weekly Tip

How to Navigate your Meals this Holiday

Happy Holidays! I hope that you are enjoying you celebrations, full of love, light, and energy. In the days, holidays, and parties ahead, you might be heading out the door to someones else’s house or venue for a holiday meal or two.
Recently we headed to a few family events where there were not too many choices to have. The food was beautiful, delicious, but just not something that worked for our dietary choices. We broke a few “rules” without feeling guilt, but with a feeling of gratitude, but we also used a few techniques and practices, as best as we could, to navigate the meal scene with a bit more ease. And with a few tips ahead of time, hopefully you will navigate with even more ease.
In today’s video, we will discuss this and how it can work for you.

Tomorrow I’ll be back with a dynamic workout for you to get you feeling great and energized for your holiday!

Peace and Love,

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