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Resolutions vs Intentions

It’s almost a new year which means resolutions and changes might be on your mind. This week, we’ll talk a bit about resolutions and why it might be better to forgo the annual resolution setting. Oftentimes, we set resolutions with little or no intentions of keeping them. We either set them because we think we need to, or we set our goals WAY to high, knowing that reaching and maintaining that goals is nearly impossible. All of these lead to self-doubt, fear building, and an overall increase in negativity.
Not really what you are looking for to start off your year, is it?

Instead of focusing on what you want to change in your life, instead focus on what you wish to bring into your life. Sit and think about what brings you the most happiness, healthy, and energy. What makes you feel free? What brings you peace and serenity? All of these are free of fear and move towards a positive state of living. An it all starts with a simple shift. Drop the resolution, drop the need to change, drop the resolving to be better and you immediately release the negativity, stress, and fear. Live with intentions, set your intentions for the year ahead, intend to bring in the new, intend to make small changes leading to bigger ones for life. Set your intention and you invite in the positive for the year ahead.
Today we’ll talk specifically about what you can do to drop the fear, keep the positivity, and stay happy and healthy in the New Year!

What are your intentions for the year ahead?

Peace and Love and Happy New Year,


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