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DIY Healthy Mashed Potatoes


What is this colorful concoction? Is it blueberries? Ice Cream? Play-doh?!

Or maybe it’s Purple Mashed Potatoes, made with, yup, purple potatoes. They are one of my favorite ways to make dinner look extra special, and are just as tasty as regular potatoes. There is one difference though. These potatoes are not only fun in color, but they are also super high in anti-oxidants, which makes them very good for you. Try them roasted, in a breakfast dish, steamed, or mashed.

Purple Mashed Potatoes

DIY Healthy Mashed Potatoes:

2-3 cups purple potatoes, chopped

1/2 cup plain, unsweetened almond milk

1 tbsp earth balance vegan spread (coconut oil could also work)

1 tsp himalayan sea salt

Steam potatoes until soft. Mash slightly with a fork or potato masher. Add salt, butter, and milk to the bowl. Mix with an electric blender. until smooth and creamy.

Enjoy with your favorite veggies! I served it up with roasted Brussels Sprouts and Honey Mustard Tofu (more on that next week!).

Peace and Love,


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