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Book Review and Interview: Mind, Body, Home with Tisha Morris

MBH Tisha Morris

Recently I had the opportunity to interview Tisha Morris, author of the book Mind, Body, Home. Tisha Morris is a Feng Shui practitioner, Yoga Teacher, and Energy Healer, as well as author. She provides in home sessions as well as training throughout the country. In her recent book, Mind, Body, Home, Tisha breaks down the practice of Feng Shui and building a relationship with your home from the ground up. This book features the unique tools of numerology, energy clearing, and mind-body connection, as well as the traditional Feng Shui Bagua Map. Tisha also goes deeper into the characteristics, personality, and history of your home than most traditional Feng Shui books, and incorporates how to use these to choose the right home for you in your life.

Here are a few insights into Tisha Morris’ practice and her book:

What Brought you to Feng Shui?

Tisha was brought to Feng Shui through her alternative therapy practices and through her own life and home renovations. Tisha says it all started with a law degree, an interest in interior design, yoga, and a year-long renovation. She was moving and realized moving was a big deal and it usually means something big is happening in your life – we usually move when we are getting married, ending a relationship, changing jobs, having a baby, etc. She realized as she was moving and getting more involved in both energy work and interior design, that the two blended together with Feng Shui.

How do you blend it together with your other alternative therapies? Which came first for your, Feng Shui or the other fields?

Tisha first started on the path to alternative therapies and fields with her yoga practice. She became involve in teaching yoga and then energy healing. She still uses energy healing in Feng Shui and found that this provided the foundation for her Feng Shui practice and energy healing of the home.

What made you decide to write this book?

After starting a renovation for her house, she became involved in Feng Shui practices. She started the book in 2006 and continued writing it even after she wrote her previous book Feng Shui Your Life. Tisha wrote this book to go deeper into Feng Shui and to delve into the more energetic and  metaphysical practices of it.

How should a beginner start with the Mind-Body-Home connection? 

Tisha believes beginners should start small – simply declutter your home and remove stagnant energy from the spaces you live in. She also believes it is important to start a conversation with your home. Much of the Mind, Body, Home book talks about the Soul of you home. Tisha believes it is important to give your home a name, realize that it has memories, and an energy of its own. Tisha teaches it is important to have a relationship with your home and be conscious about your living space as you make any changes or renovations to it.

What are some resources they can use? 

Beginners can use this very book as one of their resources. Go to the pages and charts in the back and use them for specific questions in your home or when purchasing a home.

3 Ways to Use this book:

1) When looking for a new home. Start with the city, the neighborhood, the lot, and the home.

2) Reference book for the symbols to use within your home.

3) Anyone who wants a change in their life. It’s just like acupuncture or other alternative modalities.

*Also, for anyone who just doesn’t feel good in their house.

You can purchase a copy of the book at or is available for in person sessions as well as distance sessions.  She also hosts Feng Shui trainings twice a year in April (LA) and June (Nashville).   If you would like to learn more about Tisha Morris or request a session, you can get in touch with her at

*Please note these are not direct quotes and I was not paid or compensated for this interview. 

How could you add a little more Feng Shui and connection to your home and life?

Peace and Love,


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