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Detox Yoga Series Week 3: Deep Release

Spring is here! It’s time for warm weather, fresh produce, and lots of time outside. And for all of this – you’ll need to feel your best and most energized, especially if you suffer from allergies this season.

To help get you feeling your best, clearest, and most energized, you might need a little Spring Cleaning – for your body, mind, and soul. Whenever I go through BIG transitions in life, anytime I am super stressed, anytime I have an upset stomach or tension in my neck and back, or when the seasons change, Detox Yoga is my go to reliever. It leaves me feeling fresh, renewed, and completely re-energized!

Ever wonder exactly how a detox yoga class works? It’s a combination of things: you release sweat/fluids/sinus pressure that have built up, you clear your digestive tract with twists and folds, and you release tension throughout the spine. It’s a win-win-win situation.

We started with Sun Salutations,  to connect you to your breath, warm up your body, and move your spine in all directions. Last week we focused on twists and folds to squeeze out toxins. This week we’ll move into some deeper stretches and longer holds to help you release deep tension and stress – one of the main enemies of a detox program. Get ready to move and flow this week! Sweating, and lots of smiling, are encouraged 😉

And for even more detoxing, check out this month’s simple daily detox tips, look for the final installations of tips and fitness coming next week, and sign up for the 10-Day Spring Cleanse.

And take action! What are you going to do TODAY to start relieving stress and detoxing your life? Leave a comment below!

Peace and Love,


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