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5 Ways to Have a Kick Butt Earth Day Every Day


Confession – I absolutely love holidays! 

The big ones, the small ones, the obscure. Even if they aren’t celebrated in the traditional way (crepes on the beach for Easter anyone?) I absolutely love them. 

Why? Because they bring joy, freedom, and a bit of whimsy into the everyday life.
The make you want to jump for joy!

jump for joy

One of my favorites to celebrate – Earth Day! I get to geek out on my love for all things green and eco-friendly.
And the best thing about Earth Day – it’s super easy to celebrate it EVERY day. 

Top 5 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day Everyday:

1) Eat Local:

Fresh food tastes better. Period. Hit up your local farmers market, look for a local aisle in your grocery store, or find a farm and join their CSA (community supported agriculture) for a weekly share of their crops.

2) Grow Your Own:

Even better than locally grown – grown on your own. Try a backyard garden with some of your favorite veggies. No room? No worries! Even small amounts of freshness make a difference. You can plant in a planters box or pot and place it in your front yard, or even grow some herbs on your windowsill.

3) Clean up your cleaners: 

Fresh scented lavender? Lemon verbena? Peppermint? Sounds and smells better than “fragrance added” any day of the year. Chemical fragrances have no regulations, so they can contain items that trigger asthma and allergies when breathed in.  Look for cleaning products that are low in chemicals and use natural essential oils for fragrance.

4)Turn off the lights: 

And the TV, the radio, the curling iron, the computer. If it’s got a plug, turn it off when you leave! You aren’t using it if you aren’t at home. So turn off and save some green (in your wallet and on the Earth).

5) Ditch the plastic:

And the paper. Go for reusable bags when you head to the store. They take up less space in the landfills, they use less resources to produce and they are WAY easier to carry. One trip to and from the car anyone?

Bonus Tip* Go organic. If your favorite store sells organics, go for it! If they don’t, ask for it 🙂 Organic is better for you and better for the earth, and with the availability widespread, it’s easier than ever to incorporate it into your everyday routine. 

Celebrate it. Love it. And remember the good things you are doing each and every day 🙂

How are you going to celebrate your Earth day? What tips can you make an everyday routine?

Peace and Love,


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