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No-Guilt Cinco De Mayo Tacos

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Cinco de Mayo – a day we celebrate with cerveza, margaritas, and …Tacos!!

And it just so happens I have been digging one of those lately. No, it’s not the margarita, its tacos!! Specifically, veggie tacos. More specifically, mushroom tacos.

Why? Because tacos can be so full of flavor and very healthy for you. And who doesn’t want to feel spicy, satisfied, and super healthy?

There is more to them than cheese, grease and sour cream, I promise. 

Not only do I LOVE to make them at home, but I love to try them out. It’s easy to get them vegan or vegetarian, and we have a ton of restaurants around here that serve up some absolutely fantastic versions – BBQ pulled mushroom tacos, curried cauliflower tacos, and regular black bean tacos.

And at home, I have been craving mine made with diced mushrooms. 


Normally, I’m not usually much of a fan of mushrooms. I’m very picky about how they are cooked and the thought of them in a sandwich or wrap grosses me out. So I was surprised when I fell in love with this recipe. The plan was to keep the mushrooms small and diced, make them meaty and savory, and pack them full of flavor. 

And I know you will enjoy them as much as I do 🙂


Mushroom Tacos

Mushroom Tacos:

Makes 5-6 tacos

1/2 container baby bella or white button mushrooms

1/4 cup diced onions

1/4 cup tomatoes

1 handful spinach

1 avocado

2 tbsp chili powder

1 tsp paprika

1/2 tsp sea salt

2 tsp nutritional yeast

1/2 cup low sodium vegetable broth

1 tbsp olive oil

3 corn soft tortillas (I use sprouted grain corn tacos)

*additional toppings: your favorite salsa, plain Greek yogurt, fresh guacamole, squeeze of lime

Heat olive oil in large pan over medium-high heat. Dice mushrooms and onions into small pieces. Add to pan and cook until soft (about 3 minutes). Add in vegetable broth, spices, salt, and nutritional yeast. The spices will help to soak up the liquid. While cooking, dice tomatoes and chop the avocado and spinach. Place your tortilla in the pan to heat them up and soften them a bit.

When the tortillas are soft, start assembling your tacos. Add mushrooms to the tortilla and top with avocado, spinach, and tomatoes, or whatever your favorite healthy taco toppings are.

Serving it up with a refreshing lime sparkling water or a fresh margarita and have a happy Cinco de Mayo!!

What is your favorite way to serve up some grub for Cinco de Mayo? Leave a pic, a recipe, or a comment below and share your delights and insights. 

Peace and Love, 




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