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A Healthier Coffee – for your body and your budget!

Decisions takes time.

I’m not one to take them lightly. Especially when it comes to my health and food. If I make a big change, I want it to be well-thought and researched. Not because I want to be a perfectionist, but because I don’t want to have any guilt about it. I wanted to know that no matter what someone else might say about my choice, that I would be able to stay in the guilt-free, stress-free zone. 

Before I went Pescatarian (aka just fish, no meat) I thought about it for a long time, my reasons and how I physically felt. The same thing before I went vegan, gluten-free, and back to vegetarian. If I decided to cut something out or add something in on a regular basis, I consulted the books, experts, but more importantly, my own body. If I started to crave something, I’d have it once and see how I felt afterwards. 

If I felt worse, I’d chalk it up to a routine craving. If I felt great, I’d incorporate it in. 

Lately, I’ve been craving coffee – that thing most health experts will give a big “Heck No” to drinking. I want it iced, creamy, and flavorful. And instead of getting it from a coffee shop with loads of sugar and syrups, I decided to make it at home with local, organic coffee. 
It’s simple, gourmet, and much healthier and cheaper than the kind you might buy out of the house. In fact, you might find that it cools you down, helps you find some clarity, and helps you cut back on sugar. 

So grab some spices, your favorite beans, and lets get to brewing!



Here is the quick recipe run down. Remember to check out the video to see how it all works!

Ultimate Healthier Iced Coffee:

1/2 cup of your favorite coffee (I recommend local, organic whenever possible)

1 tsp cinnamon

1/2 tsp nutmeg

1/2 tsp cardamom

1 tbsp cocoa powder

Ice cubes

1/2 cup coconut (or almond milk), unsweetenend

Place dry ingredients into your french press and fill with cold water. If you don’t have a french press, use a mason jar or glass container with a lid. Let it sit overnight or for 4-8 hours. Press when ready to drink. (If using a jar, strain with a mesh strainer). Pour over ice, filling half with coffee and half with coconut (or almond) milk. I prefer coconut because it has cooling qualities and it is a bit thicker/creamier. 

Sit back, sip, and enjoy!


Do you drink coffee? What is your reason to drink it or not to? Leave a comment below!
Peace and Love, 

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