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The Key to Finding More Time

slow downHave you ever been rushing and rushing to get everything done, felt like you still missed a ton, 

and thought to yourself “there has got to be a better way?”

You are not alone. 

I often have these moments when teaching yoga – specifically a flow or vinyasa class. These classes are fast-paced, pretty hard core, and often I feel as if we do so much but yet still run out of time to finish it all. And I am always bewildered when I try to think how we managed to do so much and yet so little at the same time. The class zooms by and there is barely enough time to cram it all in. 

Ever feel that way?

Well over the weekend, I had a “aha!” moment. I taught a class that I don’t usually teach. It was a vinyasa class and benefit for a friend. Many different levels of students came out, so instead of the usual “flow-n-go” we slowed things down a bit. And in slowing down, we were able to go deeper and do even more. 

Here’s the reason: It’s not magic (although I wish it was, because, seriously, how cool would that be?!), it’s simply simplifying. 

If you look back on your most recently rushed class, workday, stressed-out dinner, grocery trip, workout, you might start to notice something. You felt like you had to squeeze in a lot, but you also felt like it didn’t do much. I’ll bet you went for quantity over quality. And with time, quality actually makes all the difference.

You can rush and do 10 reps on every machine at the gym, or you could grab a mat and do 50 reps of two exercises and really get stronger. 

You could rush to the grocery store, feel in a panic and overload your cart, or you could slow down and just get the essentials that you need for that day and tomorrow. 

When you slow down, you become more clear-headed. You are able to focus and see what things you “need” to have done. And when you focus on those, you just might notice that some of the other things aren’t as important, all those little tasks that suck time out of your day or put you in a frazzled state, can be set aside – maybe even for good. 
Stop for a moment. Take a deep breath. Pick the one task that needs to be done (the one food, exercise, project) and do just that. Then start again with the next when it is finished. Take your time, cut down on the junk filling your mind and your to-do list, and find more quality in everything you do.

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You’ll be amazed at how much you can do and how spectacular it can be. 

What step can you take today to slow down? Leave a comment below with your one action step and how it will help give you more time. 

Peace and Love, 
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