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Juice of the Week: Sweet Beet Juice

Sometimes, we have a tendency to make things a bit more complicated.  The bogs things, the little things, and everything in between. We over think and over complicate our daily routines, our blog posts, yoga transitions, grocery lists, work assignments, dinners…you catch my drift?

One thing I have learned this year, through trainings, teaching, and vacations, is to try to simplify. Keep it a little less complicated and you much find a little more wiggle room. A little more time for the things you enjoy. And maybe a little more enjoyment in the things you don’t 😉

On our road trip earlier this year, we stopped at a little juice joint. Our juices were phenomenal- juicy, delicious, healthy, and perfectly blended. They were also very simple. Most of the items contained just a few ingredients, which means they are easy to replicate at home with less stress and more juiciness. 

After my little aha! moment, I had the idea that maybe I could simplify my own juices and help simplify yours. One juice a week. Less ingredients. More juicing. Less money out of your wallet and time spent in the grocery store. 
Today’s juice is similar to the one I tried, and loved, on our trip. Keep it simple and keep it delicious. 

Sweet Beet

Sweet Beet Juice:

Makes 1-2 juices

4 Carrots

2 Beets

2 Tart Apples

1 inch Ginger

Add all ingredients to juicer. Quick tip – place the ginger in between a few of the juicier items to help push the ginger juice through. 

What lessen can you take away from a simplified juice? Think of one thing in your life you over complicate and decide how you might be able to simplify it today. Write it in the comments below and let’s get started on the simple life!
Peace and Love, 

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