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3 Simple Steps to Feel Better Than OK

top of the world

“Would you not like to be, sitting on top of the world with your legs hanging free?
Would you not like to be ok?”

I went to a concert recently and in the middle of all the singing and dancing, the lyrics struck me.

“Would you not like to be ok?”

If someone where to ask you if you wanted to feel free, no worries or stress, would you say “yes”? Would you want to feel safe, healthy, happy and “ok”?  Chances are, you immediately think, “yes, of course. Who wouldn’t want to? What a silly question!”
And even in answering “yes”, you start get that little tug in your gut. You start to realize something. If your “yes” is so definite, if you really want to feel that way, why don’t you? What is keeping you from living fully?
That pile of things that keeps you from feeling free – stress, extra weight, busy schedule, poor eating habits, lack of exercise, lack of recognition, wrong job – these are all the symptoms.

But they aren’t the cause.

If you took a moment and really thought about it, I’d bet you already knew exactly what you needed to do to start breaking down that pile. Eat better, look for a new job, ask for a raise, manage your time or rearrange your schedule, say “no” to people once in awhile, do yoga, get a massage – these are the things you already know how to do.

So why aren’t they being done?

Because if you did these things – even just one – it could cause a HUGE change in your life. [Tweet “The potential of a shift, a change, no matter how good it might be, is downright scary. “]
The chance of a change can bring about inspiration and elevation, but even more it can bring in two mighty culprits: Fear and Doubt. These two will plot against every move, talk you out of it, and convince you that you are better off and more comfortable staying where you are.
Because you might fall flat on your face.
You might fail.
You might get laughed at, scolded, told you are no good, not worthy.
Fear and Doubt will make you a believer, not in all that you can do, but in all that might not be or all that could do wrong.
But what if things went right?
What if you could listen to the underdog (your intuition and inspiration) and realize you are worthy, perfect, and deserving?
What if you COULD make a change in your life and dig yourself out form underneath that pile?

You can.

Try these 3 simple steps to feel on top of the world, free, and (better than) ok:

1) Write down one thing today that you would like to do differently tomorrow. What thing didn’t go well? Pick just ONE and write it down.
2) Write down your triumph from the day. What went right? What did you feel 100% pumped up about? Pick just ONE and write it down.
3) Now write down one thing you can do tomorrow or one thing you can let go of, rather than repeating #1. Write one thing you can do again tomorrow to keep #2 going.
Once written down, you are more dedicated to keep it going strong. It takes less than 5 minutes to spark a change and burn up any fear and doubt. Do this every day for a week, then a month, and then a year. See what HUGE changes you can make, while releasing the fear and doubt, so you can sit with your legs hanging free,on top of the world.

Wouldn’t you like to be ok?

What is your one thing you are going to let go of and one thing you are going to keep adding in? Leave it in the comments below to inspire others and confirm your dedication.
If you’d like even more of these exercises, check out the 10-Day Stress Blasting Guide and Bonus Workbook in the Shop. You’ll dig even deeper and create truly lasting changes in just 10 days, 10 minutes at a time.
Peace and Love,

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