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Juice of the Week: Peaches and Greens “Whole Juice” Smoothie

Sometimes you have to look to the old for new inspiration.
As I was rounding up recipes for a project this week (more on that in a moment), I came across one of my very first recipe posts – our breakfast smoothie from our Hawaii trip. We made this everyday in the Vitamix at the place we stayed. It was our very first attempt at a “whole juice” smoothie using a mac-daddy blender. And after playing around with recipes for quite some time now, I decided to tweak it and revamp an old favorite. Today you get the updated Peaches and Greens “Whole Juice” SmoothiePeaches and Greens
So what exactly is a “Whole Juice”? It’s a juice with the pulp aka a smoothies without any add-ins. You take some veggies, some fruits, and add a tiny bit of liquid to blend them up. It’s a juice with the fiber to keep you full a little longer. These are the types of “juices” you often see made in high-speed blenders and for sale in the produce section of your grocery store (think Bolthouse, Odwalla, Naked, etc.)
Peaches and Greens whole juice
Peaches and Greens Smoothie:
Makes 2 large smoothies
4 leaves kale
1 handful spinach
1/2 cucumber
2 peaches or nectarines
1-2 oranges
2 frozen bananas
1 cup coconut water 
*optional: make it more of a smoothie than a “whole juice” with 1-2 servings of vanilla plant-based protein powder and coconut milk instead of coconut water
Remove peach pit and orange peel. Blend all ingredients until completely smooth. Enjoy 😉
What is your favorite “old” recipe that you have spruced up recently? Share the recipe or leave a pic below in the comments!
Now back to that project I mentioned above – In honor of all things juice, whole juice, and smoothies, I have officially released the Hassle-Free Juices E-Book (PDF-style)! This is the ultimate juicing and smoothie guide, with everything you need to know to get started or spice up your routine.
It features 30+ recipes with over 50 pages juicing info, including what brands and types to buy, how to create your own recipes, the (medical) benefits of specific produce, how to create your own 3-7-or-10 day cleanse, and my journey to juicing. 
You can download it here. Happy juicing 😉
ow ba
Peace and Love,

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