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Half Marathon Training and a Fresh Start

Get the GearTraining began today. And with that training comes a lot of changes – in my routine, in my schedule, and even in my blogging.
Here’s the thing. Lately, I have felt a little out of touch. Nothing wrong, nothing bad, just like I had veered a bit from my original intentions for this site and for my own interests.
Let me back up a bit and explain, because there are some changes coming your way.
For years, I loved to run. I would run and run and run almost everyday. I ran so much that I decided to run a half marathon. I trained for a reaaaaaaallly loooong time (6 months vs the normal 2-3) and by the time it was over, I was tired of running. I was physically strong, but hadn’t paid much attention to food-as-fuel and gained more than the normal amount of training weight.
After running that much, I kind of gave up on it. I started teaching yoga more, taking yoga more, taking barre and energy flow classes, and overall running much less. In fact, I have only been running about 20 times in the past three years (20 might seem like a lot, but if you are running 4-5 times a week, that’s the amount you’d go through in about a month!)
And then I realized I missed it. And now that I’m back at it, I wonder why I ever stopped running.
And I’ve felt the same way about the blog. In the past few months, I have cut back on my “blogging”. Instead of giving you recipes, workouts, and healthy tidbits, I felt I have given you a bit less – still good, but not necessarily what this whole site is about. I still love the programs and The Shop I’ve launched, but I miss writing. I miss creating recipes and sharing them with you. I miss showing you the latest fitness and yoga tips.
And I’m ready to bring it all back.
So look for a few (subtle) changes to come. More recipes. More fitness and workouts. More training and tips. More healthy living. And more insights into what I’m up to and how it relates to what YOU are up to.
Starting now…
My training plan:
Today was the first day of my half marathon training. Well, technically it was yesterday, since Monday is a “Rest” day, but today was my first official run. I am registered for the inaugural Sweet Tea Half Marathon in my hometown of Summerville, SC. The run is on November 15th, so I have 11 weeks to prepare.  Which seems both so long and so short, but I am prepared.
I created a 10-week training plan from all of my favorite plans I have used (or wanted to use), which includes easy runs, hills, speed intervals, and tempo (part of run at race speed) drills. Even though the race is in 11-weeks, I started today to give myself a little wiggle room – we have a weekend trip planned (Farm Aid!) and a birthday (my 3-0!!!) and I know that a long run will be tough on those days – so the extra week should help make up for it.
In the next few weeks I’ll be giving you some run updates, tips for running your first half marathon, and tidbits about food/fuel, running, yoga, and more. I’ll also be giving you 2 running plans to get you started – one for a rue beginner who just wants to finish and one for someone looking to speed up just a little. These will also include tips and plan for snacks, cross-training, stretches, and more.
So I need your help and want to know more about YOUR plans!
What is your experience with running?
Are you training for a race? If you are what is your biggest challenge and what is your favorite part? If you’v never raced, what is holding you back?
What do you struggle with when you run and what do you love about it?
What running tips would you like to see in a blog or video?
And last, in a running manual, what would you love to find in it? What would help you the most?
Leave it in the comments below and let’s get this new-again blog rolling!
running shoes
PS I promise my socks are not as high as they look in this pic, haha. Crazy angle of my feet and new fabulous running shoes (story on finding the right running shoes coming up soon!)
As always, thank you for letting me fumble, falter and come back to you fresh and ready to begin again. In case you forgot (or didn’t know) YOU ROCK!!
Peace and Love,

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