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What’s in the Kitchen? My Groceries for a Week+


Some of you may know this, some of you might not, but here we go: I don’t eat meat. Not right now. I have eaten meat before, I have been pescatarian (only fish), and I have been fully vegan. At this point, I am a vegetarian who eats eggs and some dairy, but doesn’t eat meat or much gluten. I don’t know if it is because of the “title” around what I eat, or because of health coaching, or perhaps just the fact that we all eat food, but I am often asked what I do eat, if I don;t eat those other things.

And I N-E-V-E-R have a good answer. My first thought is “Food. I eat food.”.  And then nothing. My mind goes blank and I can’t think of a single freaking recipe from this blog to tell anyone about. Absolutely nothing comes to mind. I usually sputter something about kale and raw but cooked and eggs but not meat, and then an hour or two later I think of my five favorite meals that the asker would have loved.

This happens every time. Ugh, someday I’ll sit down and come up with a list to memorize and give. Until then, there are blogs posts 😉

So today, I thought I would give you a peek at what I eat, specifically, what I buy. At least for this week. As I get back to writing more, blogging more, and running, I am also back to creating and playing with more recipes. So each week I try to figure out what to buy and how to incorporate it together without spending a bajillion dollars and letting half of it go bad.

So a tiny snapshot or a week+ of food and recipes/meals.

Normally I head to a few different places: The Farmer’s Market, Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, and maybe Publix or Target. This week was almost all Trader Joe’s – mostly because of timing and because my fridge was nearly empty.

empty fridge

All we had was leftover beer from a boys weekend camping trip (I don;t drink regular beer), veganaise, peppers, and lemons. Not much else. So a trip to Trader Joe’s restocked the fridge with a week+ of groceries and without breaking the bank. Overall, I got enough for 9 dinners, lunches, breakfast and smoothies, for just over $100/ Not too shabby considering much of it was organic.

grocery table

Here’s an overview of what I got: 

Vanilla Hemp Protein Powder

Red Juice (cold-pressed)




Sweet Potato

Coconut Water


Nectarines and Peaches


Cherry Tomatoes


Baked Tofu

Cheese – string and mozzarella

Brown Rice Pasta




Chickenless strips (one item from Whole Foods)

Coconut Milk

Maple Syrup

Marinated Beets


Greek Yogurt

Gluten Free Beer

Even with a few big ticket items, it was still a steal on restocked quite well. (A few empty shelves, but the produce drawers are packed!)

full fridge

So what will I make with these?
Here is my brainstorm:

grocery meals

I am most excited about Peach Pie – for breakfast 😉

What about you?

– What is your favorite place to shop for healthy foods? Budget or no budget?

– Do you like to plan meals or buy the “usual” and make a plan from there?

– What would help you the most with grocery shopping? (I love it but most people I know HATE it!)

Heading for a run and then to make peach pie – recipe coming soon (fingers crossed!).

Peace and Love,



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