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The Perfect Fudgey Fall Brownie

End of Bridge

I promise, the brownie recipe is on the way, but first I thought I’d give you an update on training.

I realized over the weekend that I hadn’t talked too much about running on the blog. I posted a few updates and teasers on Facebook, but unless you are following, you might have missed it.

bridgeSo here are a few updates:

– Last week was my first challenge week, and it kicked my butt. Well, my ankle, more on that later. It included speed drills and hills (with shorter mileage) as well as an easy 4 mile run and a long run on the weekend.

– We have no hills here. Or at least very few and very small. The biggest hill here is our bridge, which I ran 4 miles on: 2 miles up and over, 2 miles back over and down. I was super excited because this was the first time I was able to run the bridge without having to stop. It made all the cross-training and bridge “hiking” I had done over the summer well worth it.

– The weather was beautiful on Saturday, so after teaching Hot Yoga, I went for a run around my town. Leaves were starting to fall, there was a slight coolness to the air, and I got to check out all the beautiful old southern homes along the way.

– No long run. Along with a beautiful Saturday run, I also developed some ankle pain, which is slowly fading. I noticed on Friday night my anle and muscles felt a little tight. Saturay it felt fine, but on mile 3, it tightened up again. After icing and nursing it the rest of the day and on Sunday, I had to eventually give in. No long run over the weekend. This week I plan on taking it easy and retrying a few miles later in the week. Which I am terrible at. I wish myself good luck 😉

– I also had a brand new brownie recipe posted on MindBodyGreen over the weekend.

fall spiced brownies

Fall fever has officially hit. After spending a weekend in North Carolina, and then coming home to heat, we finally had a slight cool down over the weekend. And I want fall-spiced everything. Candles, tea, coffee, and brownies. And while I love pumpkins and pumpkins pie, my favorite flavor to celebrate fall is the pumpkin spices, but not necessarily the pumpkin flavor (although I do have a brownie-type pumpkin recipe I am working on. Still needs a few tweaks though aka the first batch was blah).

This is an update of my favorite fudge-like brownie recipe, with a few fall flavored spices added in. It’s perfect with a cup of chai tea, a cozy sweater, and perhaps, if your lucky, a slightly crisp breeze.

You can find the full recipe and descriptions on MindBodyGreen.

How are you celebrating the fall? Any fun spices or flavors you are adding to your cooking

And if you are training, any setbacks? Or any tips for how to deal with setbacks?

Peace and Love,



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