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This is 30: Welcoming the Big 3-0

30 again

Last Friday something big happened. The Big 3-0 to be exact.

I turned 30.

I celebrated the day with friends and family. I taught a class, went grocery shopping (so not a chore, I absolutely love it), got flowers form the grocery store manager, was gifted the perfect item for my upcoming trip to a possibly much colder Denver (although looking at the weather, it’s actually a little warmer there, go figure). I received a few workout pieces, those beautiful flowers at the store, and a handwritten note from my Mom. Lovely, practical, and surprising – 3 perfect things for a gift 🙂

Birthday FlowersBirthday gifts

We finished up with dinner in downtown Charleston, dessert, and wine. It was fun, festive, and a great start to a new decade.

I also talked to my big bro and big sis on my B-day (we all live in different states). My siblings and I talked a lot about what it means to transition form 20’s to 30’s – not the “getting old” part, but more if the “growing wiser” piece. Looking back on the previous 10 years and what the next 10 could hold, I wanted to share some thoughts.

My 20’s were filled with quite a few exciting and life-changing events:

– 2 graduations/degrees

– 2 new houses

– Living alone for the first time

– Finding myself, my opinions, my thoughts, my path

– Wedding, Marriage, and finally getting to see my best friend (hubby) every day after 5 years apart

– Heartbreak and Love and everything in between

– Multiple moves, including living in 3 different states

– New career and a total career change

-Multiple career certifications

– Attending my first funeral

– Yoga Teacher Training

– Getting hired, fired, laid-off, and learning when to quit

– Teaching my first yoga class

– Becoming vegan and then unvegan again

– Adopting my first dog

– Swearing I would never adopt a puppy again

– Adopting my second dog

– Starting a blog

– Writing my first paid article

– Getting published in a magazine

– Signing my first book deal


A few things I look forward to in the next 10 years:

–  Travel More (already planned!)

– Watching my hubby follow his path and his dreams

– The publishing and release of my first book, Detox 101

– Many more books, articles, and perhaps some dvds on the horizon

– More moving (its inevitable at some point)

– Follow my dreams

– Live bigger and Love more

– Trust in the flow of the universe

– And as my siblings put it: Feeling more grounded, confident, wise, and comfortable in who I am

– And of course so much more…


Welcome to 30.


Peace and Love,



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