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Post-Turkey Burn Workout and Lucy Yogawear Review

Happy Thanksgiving weekend!

We had a fantastic, healthy feast yesterday – with tons of veggies, healthy dishes, and the most monstrous apple pie I’ve ever seen!

Apple PieI’ll be giving you a full food wrap up on Monday, as I am sure you just might be all pied and turkeyed out today 😉

Instead, I thought I would share a few yoga moves from the Turkey Burn Class I had the honor of teaching this morning.

My Mom and  I headed out to the studio to join 17 women in a fun and flowy class where the ladies worked hard, breathed deep, and definitely burned some turkey and pie.

I recently received an outfit from one of my favorite yoga brands, Lucy, and I decided to wear it to the class today. My thoughts – a fun, holiday class deserves a fun outfit 😉 This gear was a total surprise, and probably not something I would have picked out, but I totally love it. I imagine this is what its like having a personal stylist or getting StitchFix (affliliate link!) every month.

LucyI have about 5 gray sweatshirts (I think I might be obsessed) and this one might be my new favorite. I never would have picked a crop top, but I love that it doesn’t get bunch or stuck on the shirt below, like some longer sweaters do. I also love the fun criss-cross on the back and the long-length of the sleeves.

Lucy BackI had been thinking recently that I needed to get a new black tank-top and leggings, since so much of my other items are wildly colored. This black tank to is slightly loose fitting and looks so much better on than on the online model. It is also great for layering. The pants are black, but with very tiny stripes that make your eyes do crazy things. They are super soft, comfortable, and I love them!

Lucy ReviewLucy Close UpThe whole thing worked perfectly for heading from the cold outside to a steamy class.

The class focused on connecting breath to movement to heat up the body, which brings up your heart rate, makes you sweat, and detoxifies the body. Here are my top 5 moves to help you “Turkey Burn” at home:

1) Chair Twists:

Inhale as you reach your palms up overhead. Exhale as you twist into your chair pose. Inhale back up and exhale to twist to the other side Repeat 10 times on each side.

Stretch Up Chair Twist

2) Warrior Flow

Stand with your feet wide and bend your right knee into a Warrior II. Bring your right forearm to your inner thigh and reach your left arm overhead. As you inhale, reverse your Warrior and reach your left arm down, right arm up. Exhale back to the start. Repeat 10 times and switch sides.

Extended Warrior Reverse Warrior

3) Chair Sweeps

Stand with your feet together. Reach tall as you inhale. As you exhale, sweep your arms, bend your knees into a Chair pose, and lift your heels. Inhale reach back up. Engage the core and squeeze your legs to help keep you balance. Repeat 10 times.

Reach Up Tiptoe Chair


4) Lunge Twists

Step your left foot back into a lunge. Keep your left knee off the ground and keep your right knee over your ankle. Inhale and sweep your Right arm up to the ceiling, twisting your torso. As you exhale, bring your hand back to the ground. Repeat 10 times and switch sides.

Twisted Lunge Low Lunge

5) Lunge Press

Life up into a high lunge on the right side. Stretch your arms up as you inhale. As you exhale, bend your elbows, pulling the arms in. Keep the core engage and inner thighs squeezing to help keep your balance.

High Lunge Lunge ArmsEnjoy the Turkey and enjoy the burn. I’m heading for more pie 😉

Peace and Love,


PS This post was sponsored by Lucy (Black Friday sale until November 30th, 2014). All opinions are my own.

PPS 20% off until December 1st on Lighter in 10 Days and 21 Days to Flourish with code BlackFriday20 at checkout. 



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