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2015 Jumpstart Bundle: Health, Wealth, and a Happy Life

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I know, I know – Hanukkah is still going on, Christmas hasn’t even happened yet, and New Years seems like it is still months away. But 2015 will be here before we know it.

While I am not one to set resolutions, I am one to grab a vision board, make some intentions for the year ahead, and really look at what I would like to bring about in the year ahead. I find a new year to be refreshing and a fun way to jumpstart new adventures and dreams, where maybe they may have started to fade in the busy holiday hustle and bustle.

This year I have teamed up with a ton of other coaches – life, health, and business – to bring you the 2015 Jumpstart Bundle. This bundle is the best of the best, featuring all of our top notch programs (over $1300 in value) at a super discounted price (96% off!). You’ll have everything you need to live your dreams and conquer the year ahead.

In the bundle, you’ll find cleanses, e-books, business branding guides, self-care guides, and programs to simply help you figure out what the heck you want in life. It’s perfect for business owners, folks looking for better health in 2015, and those looking to find a little more purpose. You’ll even get my Lighter in 10 Days Cleanse for less than it is sold for here on my site  – how cool is that?!

You’ll get to experience programs geared towards enhancing or creating the career and business of your dreams, finding more clarity in your life, and creating abundant health for the year ahead. And while this bundle helps all of the entrepreneurs whose materials you receive, you are also helping us donate to Heifer Int’l, an organization dedicated to ending world hunger through, nourishment, education, and empowerment.

This bundle is available for a limited time. Find how you can get started here

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Peace and Love,


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