Brand New Site and an Update + Recipe

FALLENIt has been forever since I have posted here – over 2 months to be exact. I never thought I would take that long of a break, and I never really intended to, but I had article deadlines, a book to write, recipes to photograph, and not much time to get it all done. 

And while I still have a few projects in hand, I am ready to come back, better than ever, to this site. 

Welcome to The Brand New House of Healthy!

I am so excited to finally reveal this big project.

While I was away from The House of healthy, I decided to take some time to reconsider what this site should be – for you and for me. I did some soul-searching, contemplating, and finally decided to do a total site overhaul. The House of healthy not only looks a bit different, it is a bit different.

Here are some of the changes you’ll find:

– A Freshly Designed and Highly Functional Site

One of the things I wanted to give you was a more functional site. It’s amazing to land on a blog and be able to read the most recent posts, without having to search for them It’s even better if you land on that site and find the recent posts, along with other opportunities and ways to join in.

You’ll now find my favorite programs, information about me and the site, and a few more ways to stay in touch, all alongside the recent posts, right on the front page.

In addition to recent posts, you can also search through the most used categories, right under the “blog” tab on the main menu. This way, you can search for the latest posts, or get just what you need that day.

– Once a Week PostsNever miss a recipe

Rather than posting several times a week, I’ll be cutting back to just one. Truthfully, this happened unintentionally during the spring, when I started to slowly test recipes for my new book, The Smoothie Life. I took a long time to think about the best way to post in the future, and keeping just once a week seemed like the best plan – for me and for you.

I can now spend more time planning each post, so you get a ton of easy to digest information in one post. You also won’t have to worry about  missing other posts throughout the week, especially if you subscribe to the newsletter, because it will be sent directly to you.

– Informative Recipes and Tips

Along with how many times a week I’ll post, the content of the posts will change. Rather than focusing on my day-to-day life, mixed with a few recipes, I will be focusing on giving you more functional information, such as specifics on ingredients, why certain moves are good for your body, and how to incorporate healthy living tips into your day. I’ll still share tidbits of my daily life, but I’ll shift the focus more to how I can help you.
The recipes will also be changing. As an Integrative Health Coach, I don’t think there is one diet that is right for everyone, or even one person for their entire life. Our diet needs shift and change from person to person and year to year. They are ever evolving as are we. Because of this, you may notice a few non-vegetarian recipes, alongside a full-blown vegan recipe. This doesn’t mean the foods will be unhealthy, in fact you may find that they are even less processed than before and offer exactly what you need, depending on the recipe of the week.

As always, I promise to keep it fresh and fun 😉

– New Programs for You

In between writing and photography, I have been brainstorming and working hard on a few other projects that I’ll be rolling out later this summer and fall. These are online programs designed to help you get healthier and happier than you ever thought you could.

The first to roll out will be The Flourish Lifestyle Program, which will launch late this summer. This is a higher end program will focus on creating abundant health and happiness, without any restriction or deprivation, over the course of 8 weeks. This is less of a cleanse and more of a lifestyle overhaul course. You can find details coming soon here.

The second program to roll out will be the 21 Day Modern Detox, an updated version of my book Detox 101, featuring healthy recipes,movement, and self-care to detox your body without depleting it. You can find more details hereModern Detox

So, What Have I Been Up To?

– Writing The Smoothie Life

My first book was published in February, and the very same day, I was offered my second book deal. I focused on recipe planning in the early spring and  I spent most of May at my computer and huddled over my camera. Now that The Smoothie Life is finished, I am back to posting.

– Planning New Posts

I have so many new posts planned for you in the upcoming months, including brand new recipes with fun ingredients, a few amazing product review, and even some healthy strategies to get you through the fall and holiday seasons.


I have also been hiking to decompress, remodeling my office, and cooking seasonal recipes form a local CSA. These are the things from my everyday life that I often share on Instagram. If you haven’t already, join me there and see what I’m up to in between posts. You might even find an extra recipe or two, such as this one.

I am so excited to be back and hope you are loving all the changes here at The House of Healthy. As I start new recipes and tips, what are a few things you would love to see featured? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts.

Peace and Love,












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