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Have Your Breakfast Ready in an Instant with Carob+Honey Overnight Oats

Untitled design (7)Most people will tell you that breakfast is the hardest meal of the day to fit into the schedule. Other than a grab-n-go bar, bite of yogurt, or cup of coffee, many people just go without. While these might last until you are able to grab another snack or lunch, they will tend to make you hungrier as the day goes on and lead to more late night snacking and binge eating. 

A healthy breakfast, with plenty of nutrients, fiber, good fats, and protein will help you stay full and energized until lunch, it will also keep you satisfied throughout the rest of the day.
Untitled design (8) Since you might be crunched for time in the mornings, I thought I would share one of my favorite, easy to make breakfasts. In fact, you make this one the night before, pop it in the fridge and grab it when you are ready to eat in the morning. It’s chocolaty, delicious, overnight oats. 
Overnight oats use rolled oats (not instant oats) that you soak in the refrigerator with liquid to plump them up and soften them, much like when they are cooked. Milk (I use non-dairy) is used for the liquid, and chia seeds are used to thicken it. Sometimes you might see bananas, but I personally don’t like those soaked overnight.
Make it the night before and in the morning, grab it, give it a stir to see if you need more liquid, and eat.
This version is made even better using carob powder. Carob is a chocolate alternative. It is actually a fruit, made into a powdery form. Carob is high in anti-oxidants, contains zero caffeine, and naturally sweet. It is also good for people who has sensitivities or allergies to chocolate, but still want (1) enjoy that flavor. It is good source of vitamin E and is digestive friendly.
It also contains locally made honey, a natural and healthy sweetener, for a little extra flavor.
Carob+Honey Overnight Oats:
Makes 1 Serving
1/2 cup oats
1 tbsp carob powder
1 tbsp chia seeds
1- 1 1/2 cups almond milk (I used honey+vanilla. Unsweetened vanilla also works, with a touch of honey added after)
1 tbsp honey
*optional 1 tsp shredded, unsweetened, coconut
Place all ingredients in a jar with a lid Stir or shake to mix ingredients together. Set in a draw overnight. Top with more milk, coconut, hemp seeds, nuts, dates, etc. as needed.
Do you usually skip breakfast? Give this a try then leave a comment below to share how it went.





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