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Stop Ditching Cereal and Start Making These Buckwheat Groats


I am a huge fan of granola and oats, as a morning cereal, a snack in the afternoon or evening, or even sprinkled on yogurt. The problem with most granola and cereals in the stores is that they aren’t as healthy as they might seem.

Many are made with processed ingredients, contain high amounts of GMO’s, and are made with large amounts of added, processed sugars and starches. And the majority of these contain wheat, which just doesn’t work for anyone on a gluten-free or low gluten diet.

Luckily, it is easy to make homemade cereal that is healthy and delicious, using on simple base: buckwheat groats. 

So what exactly are Buckwheat Groats?

They are groats, not gross.

The name sounds a little, well, gross, but buckwheat groats are actually quite good. They have a nutty, oat-like flavor, similar to something you would find in a granola or cereal.

They are not wheat.

Even though wheat is in the name, they don’t actually contain any wheat. Buckwheat groats are a grain-like seed that is often used in granola and cereals, especially by those who are wheat and gluten sensitive.

They are healthy for you in many ways.

Buckwheat groats are high in fiber, and also contain several vitamins and minerals that are great for your cardiovascular system. Groats are high in flavonoids, which help absorb more beneficial nutrients that are heart healthy. The extra fiber will keep your digestive system working, as well as balance your blood sugar levels.

Plus, they taste good and are even said to help improve allergies, skin and hair, and contain anti-inflammatory properties.

They are gluten-free.

Since they are not made from wheat, or are even part of the grain family, these groats are gluten-free. This makes them great for those who are gluten-sensitive, or on a gluten-free diet.

Here is my favorite recipe for buckwheat groats, with two cooking options. One keeps them a little more “raw” but takes more time. This is my preferred method, since it makes the texture firm but slightly chewy. If I want a bit crunchier groats or am strapped for time, I go for the shorter time and higher heat. I suggest trying both ways and seeing what works for you.

You can use your groats to top off your yogurt or chia seed parfait, add to your granola, or serve as a cereal with almond milk. They are a healthy, delicious “cereal” that makes a great addition to any diet.

madrid (11)Buckwheat Groats Cereal

Makes about 4 servings

1 tbsp maple syrup or honey
1 tsp cinnamon
1/2 tsp nutmeg
pinch sea salt
2 cup buckwheat groats (or one package, I use Bobs Red Mill), soaked in water

Preheat your oven to 150 degrees OR to 300 degrees for less time. Soak your buckwheat groats in a large bowl of water for at least 1 hour. Rinse and drain, then place in a clean, large bowl. Add in your other ingredients and stir to fully cover the groats.

Spread your groats on to a large cooking sheet (you can spread directly onto the sheet or line with parchment paper). Make sure they are in a single layer so they cook evenly.

Place in your oven and bake. If you have the temp at 120 degrees (yes, F), bake for an hour. If your temperature is higher, at 300 degrees, bake for about 15-20 minutes. You don’t want your groats to burn or get to crunchy, as they will be hard as rocks and not easy to eat.

When they are baked, allow to cool and transfer to a bowl to eat or to a jar to store them. I use a mason jar and keep them in the fridge. They will stay for 1-2 weeks in the refrigerator.

Serve in the mornings or as a snack and enjoy this healthy, delicious, and guilt-free recipe.





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(This is not medical advice, just simple research. Always consult your doctor.).



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