Baby Update: 24 Weeks/6 Months

20160213_164800_resizedIt’s about time for another baby update. So much (and kind of so little) has happened since the last (first) update.

I am now 24 weeks pregnant, which means I am at the 6 months mark. It continues to go by so fast, and, as uncomfortable as I am at times, I worry that it will all be over before I realize it. Although, that means that our baby girl will be here before we know it too, which is pretty awesome.

And yes, she is a Baby Girl!

On Valentine’s Day Weekend, we had a reveal party with our families and friends. It was a beautiful, sunny day, so we went out into the backyard, after much anticipation, and popped open a box of balloons, letting the pink balloons float away and reveal to us (yup, even we didn’t know) that we were having a girl.20160213_164803_resizedDSC_0085

We are thrilled. Girls are pretty rare on both sides of our family.

We look forward to lots of pink (dresses, shoes, dump trucks, calculators), with a good mix of non-pink as well.

Here is a little rundown so far at 24 weeks:

Body Stuff:

  • Weight gained: 20+lbs. I am a little over what I should be, but don;t have too many plans to change. I eat pretty healthy, with a few treats. I also eat when I am hungry and make sure to move and workout most days of the week. We’ll see how all that goes at my next appointment (28 weeks) for the diabetes test.
  • Aches and Pains: Nothing too much anymore. Any ligament or psoas pain I was having seems to have really calmed down. If I sit too long or do any intense workout, I might get a flare up or twinge, but nothing that lasts. I did overdo it cleaning one day and threw out my back/butt, but it was better the next day. Some days my stomach feels so big that it aches and feels heavy. I know it is just how rapidly it is growing and will continue to grow for the next few months!
  • Pyriformis/Sciatic pain: My hip pain has eased up and only flares up once in awhile.
  • No back pain. Yay!
  • Nose Bleeds: Every day, sometimes several times a day. Yuck.

Baby Stuff:

  • Size: about 1 lb and the size of a small cantaloupe.
  • Gender: Girl!
  • Kicks: getting so much stronger and frequent. She kicks most mornings when I wake up and right before I head to bed. These are the biggest and can definitely be felt on the outside now.

Food & Cravings:

  • Water. I always feel like my mouth needs to be refreshed with some ice cold water, especially after having something sweet, sticky or a full meal.
  • Salads. Thankfully. I am back on the salad train and even ate two salads the other day. It’s been awhile since that was even a thought in my brain.
  • A little sweet here and there. Maybe a cookie or a (decaf) latte.
  • I get super hungry, but then full really quickly. And then hungry again. I think I am starting the whole “running out of space” thing.


  • Barre: I am continuing to do/teach barre 3-4 times a week. Today, no one showed for class (we had horrible weather this morning) and I stayed for my own workout. It was absolutely perfect and just what I needed.
  • Walking: I am also walking around my neighborhood for 20-40 minutes a few times a week with my dogs.
  • Yoga: Yoga continues to be iffy. Bending over becomes more and more uncomfortable, but some of the deep stretches do feel good. I like to fuse pieces of it into my barre routine for now.
  • Core: I filmed a core workout for an upcoming program and it will be the last big core workout I do for a long time. Although everything was prenatal-friendly, it was just too intense and I felt like crap the rest of the day. I was stiff, sore and uncomfortable. But I know core work it important, especially during pregnancy, so I am going to modify it even more. All planks modified, much more side planks, absolutely no crunches, and lots of cat/cow/knee pulls.


  • I have been sleeping through the night more, having to pee less. If I do wake up, I can either wait or I only wake up once, not several times. I probably need to drink more water or am just so tired I sleep right through.
  • I get uncomfortable quite easily. I have pillows on either side and need to use them to prop my belly up a little, or support my back, since I can no longer lay flat on my back. But once I am comfortable, I sleep.
  • The nights I don’t sleep well, I can really feel it the next day

Belly: Getting visible bigger and bigger on a weekly (and sometimes daily) basis.Bans

(And as you can see, the variety in my wardrobe is much smaller, or I just really love these shirts and yoga pants. I just go for a few key maternity pieces, maternity jeans (love them), yoga pants and tops. It’s a good mix of maternity and non.)

Things are still going very well. I don’t have much to complain about when people ask how I am feeling. I generally feel great. There are little things like moving a little slower, not being able to cross my legs as easily when I sit and not being able to sit, fold, or stand easily, but all of these are expected and not really “problems” at all. And even if I do get frustrated for a moment, those little kicks always bring a welcomed change in perspective and a smile to my face.

Now off to figure out some names from the suggestion board:20160213_200143_resized

Much Love,

Signed Name

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