Baby Update: 28 Weeks

20160328_135116(0)_resized Another month, another update!

I am now 29 weeks pregnant, which means I am at the 7 months mark and in the 3rd trimester. Time is flying by and so much, but so little seems to be happening.

We are in the midst of building out nursery, which so far has made our home look like a disaster zone. It’s one of those “tear it down to build it up” moments. We have had to relocate our big office (mostly used by Barry, but held things like our printer, files and books that were all too big to fit into my shoebox of an office in the laundry room).


We now have a pile of stuff in the floor, a dresser in the room, a desk in a closet, and books and another desk in the garage.20160328_135044_resized20160328_135138_resized20160328_134954_resized

The reason we started to prepare the nursery is because we have a baby shower this weekend. We’ve received quite a few gifts from friends, family and students (you all are amazing), as well as bought a few little things on our own. We have been storing them in our guest room, but expect that things might get a little tight in there after the shower.


Disaster zones in the house are not my thing, so I’ll be chipping away at this each day or night making it look more like a home again.

I’ll be sure to update you after the baby shower and when the nursery is finished (we have a ways to go), but be sure to look for smaller updates on Instagram (@thehouseofhealthy) and FB (houseofhealthy).

Here is a little rundown so far at 29 (!) weeks:

Body Stuff:

  • Weight gained: 30+lbs. I’ve gained what I am “supposed” to gain for the entire pregnancy, but I’m not too worried. I’ve asked my doctor if it is ok and she keeps saying I am fine, since its not too far off the range. Plus, I feel good and don’t feel too huge (except that of course I feel huge with a giant baby in my belly!)
  • Glucose/Blood Sugar Test: I passed! I was really worried about this one. I was worried about the test itself, since I heard it was awful; the 1 hour wait time to draw blood; and the results, since I know so many people who haven’t passed and I eat a bit of sugar in the form of smoothies, bananas, honey, maple syrup, and the occasional (yikes!) soda. The test was super easy and didn’t taste that bad. It was like super sweet fruit punch. I had two other appointments scheduled during the 1 hour “wait”, so it flew by. I got my results back and I was well below the normal range, so no worries there.
  • Aches and Pains: Just general heaviness by the end of the day, but no super crazy aches or pains.
  • Pyriformis/Sciatic pain: Every once in awhile I feel a twinge. It is usually if I have been sitting in my wooden dining room chair all day to work, or if I haven’t stretched enough after barre class. Both are easily fixed 😉
  • No back pain. Yay!
  • Nose Bleeds: They have eased up. I get them once in awhile, but usually only if we have had the heat on, which we haven’t needed lately.
  • Pee: Yes, all the time. I always have to pee.

Baby Stuff:

  • Size: about 2.5-3.5 lbs and the size of an acorn squash.
  • Gender: Girl!
  • Name: Not sure yet 😉
  • Kicks and Rolls: The kicks are getting huge and have turned into some big rolls around my belly. Sometimes you can see my belly sit to one side or shift completely. Other times there are little shakes and punches that happen, almost like a spasm, for a minute or two. And there are still some super strong kicks. She seems to have some fierceness to her, and we think she might be a bit of a goofball.


  • Water. I still crave water, especially towards the end of the day. It is best with lots of ice. I have also been craving tea in the mornings (with soy milk, or I get heartburn).
  • Salads + Subs. I still crave some salads, but have been on a veggie sub kick lately. The tangy oil+vinegar, plus pickles and banana peppers are perfection 😉
  • Banana soft serve and smoothies. I like something cold and creamy after dinner, so I have been keeping frozen bananas on hand to blend up.
  • I still get super hungry, but then full really quickly. And then hungry again. There is definitely less space for food.


  • Barre: I am continuing to do/teach barre 3 times a week. It offers the perfect amount of support during the workout. I also noticed my balance is still really good and strong, which a few students have commented on, saying they were super off-balance by that point in their pregnancy. I am so happy to have barre and stick with it during pregnancy.
  • Walking: I am also walking around my neighborhood for 20-40 minutes a few times a week with my dogs.
  • Yoga: Only if stretching counts as yoga. Bending is really uncomfortable, so I have been sticking to stretches (mostly done standing) or a few on the ground after class. Even teaching classes (where I don’t demonstrate, just call out poses) have become harder. Starting seated, then moving to standing, then back to seated is not as easy as it used to be.
  • Core: Not as much. I only do core work with my barre workouts, and focus mostly on side planks and core support.


  • Not so great. I had my first two night s on very little sleep around week 27. One night I woke up at 4am and couldn’t fall back asleep ( I usually wake up closer to 8am). Another night I couldn’t fall asleep until around 3am. Some of it was being uncomfortable, some was anxiety about silly things and some was just not being able to sleep – which I rarely experience.
  • I get uncomfortable easily and roll around a lot. Even on the nights I sleep well, I wake every time I roll to my other side, which is every hour or so. I have pillows on either side of me, and have for awhile, but last week I went for a full-on pillow throne. A few on the side and some under me and under my head so I can be on my back-ish. It is comfortable, but gets kinda hot.


  • By the end of the day, it feels really heavy and is hard to get into bed or get comfortable on the couch. Sometimes I get a little bit stuck where I am 😉
  • It looks like I have a ball in my shirt.

Here are some pics of weeks 25-29:

29 weeks20160328_135108_resized

Things are still going very well. I don’t have much to complain about when people ask how I am feeling. I generally feel great. There are little things like moving a little slower, getting out of breath, not wanting to go up and down the stairs, not being able to cross my legs as easily when I sit and not being able to sit, fold, or stand easily, or my belly feeling really heavy by the end of the day. But these are still expected and not really “problems” or issues. They are just part of the journey and really amazing to see each day how my body changes and responds differently, and how much this baby girl changes and grows.

Much Love,

Signed Name

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