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4 Alternative Sweeteners for Your Smoothies

Smoothie SweetenersSugar is one of the most talked about foods in both the healthy and not-so-healthy food worlds. Sugar is made from the sugar cane plant and is a natural sweetener. It will sweeten your dish and can be used in so many things. That is the problem.

Because sugar sweetens so well, it is often manufactured and processed in mass and in less than natural ways that strip any nutritional benefits that might belong to it. The process of making sugar “white” strips any nutrients from it and allows for mass production and super cheap sweetener. This means that most foods and drinks that contain added sugar are laced with the kind that spikes your blood sugar, causes you to crash and leads to weight gain.

This even extends to smoothies. There are some smoothies, especially those with a yogurt base, that contain added sugar and starches to get the right amount of texture and sweetness. Fortunately, there are quite a few other ways to sweeten your smoothies (and other drinks, baked goods and foods) a bit more naturally, with a few extra nutrients to go along with the sweetness.

Natural sugars contain things like iron, potassium, good Maple Syrup and Datesbacteria, fiber and magnesium in addition to sweetness. These are things like raw sugar, molasses, coconut sugar, maple syrup, honey, dates and (for smoothies) bananas. While some of these do still have similar glycemic-index to regular sugar,  they also contain those nutrients that make them a bit healthier for you.

All of them will sweeten your smoothies, but the best to add are the following 4 sweeteners:


  • Fruit of the Date Palm
  • High in minerals
  • High in potassium (balances electrolytes)
  • Sweet and chewy, so blend easily

Maple Syrup:

  • Pure from the maple tree
  • Anti-oxidants
  • Vitamins and minerals
  • Good source of iron


  • Medicinal qualities when local and raw
  • Contains good bacteria

Bananas (frozen):

  • Contains fiber to balance sugar
  • Greate source of potassium
  • Thickens smoothies and makes them creamy

The next time you go to make a sweeter smoothie, grab one of these natural sweeteners to keep the sweetness but also keep it healthy.

Ready to try them out but need a recipe to follow? Or perhaps you want a little more info on these naturally sweet foods? Grab a copy of The Smoothie Life, or click below for your free sample copy as well as access to the Resource Library .

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