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Hi Guys!

After taking a few months off, I am slowly getting back into blogging and writing again. If you’ve been following along on Instagram, you may have noticed that my food pics have been few and far between, as I’ve been focusing more on family life, a new baby and some simple self-care.

Cooking and baking have been put on the back burner a bit, since a tiny little baby takes up ALL of my time these days. I barely have time to cook a meal or snack. nevermind take pics, post about it and share it with you. And, honestly, my brain has been a bit preoccupied with our sweet little girl.

Confession time – I have been completely ignoring my pups lately (two 70+ lb lab mixes). I've been focused on baby and have been annoyed, short tempered and overall disinterested in them, which makes me so sad because they were my #1 buddies before the baby arrives. We used to take walks every day, up until week 40 of my pregnancy, and haven't been able to since. It's been too hot, too hectic, or I wasn't ready for any type of exercise. Walking them requires so mad core skills that I just wasn't ready to use yet. But today it was a little less hot with a breeze. The baby loves being outside in her #ergo carrier, and they seemed extra ready for a walk. So we went. It was awesome for everyone involved. Here's to rekindling the dog-mama-love 😊 And to slowly exercising again. #babywearing @ergo #ergocarrier #healthcoach #IINhealthcoach #onlinewellness #healthymama #healthybaby #balance #selfcare #itsthesmallthings #healthylifestyle #livewell #healthcoachlife #babylife #newmomlife #newmom #momlife #dogmom #postpartum #doglife #backintheswingofthings ##backinthegroove #simplyhealthy #simplyhealthylife #walking #confession

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Many of our meals for the past few moths have been pre-made, healthy items we grab from our grocery store or hot bars, but this is slowly changing. As our life changes, so do things at the blog.

For most of the last year, I have been focusing on my books, programs and coaching, along with weekly blogging. I absolutely love this, but really miss just sharing some food recipes and life updates with you. It left things a little impersonal, and I want to get back to being a bit more personal and upfront with you, sharing food I eat, tips I use and my own workouts. I miss true food blogging. Since I have had a lot of time to ponder what I want the blog to become, and to Google a ton of blogging tips, I have decided to take it in a slightly different direction, back a few steps.

Dinner this week (and last week) includes super simple recipes that can be prepped, and cooked if needed, ahead of time. Tomorrow is pasta with a grass-fed beef and tomato sauce. Later this week is tofu bowls again. Today is roasted chicken thighs (bbq) with these roasted veggies. And they are perfect for the Fall weather. Simply chop your favorite veggies, drizzle on olive oil and sprinkle with salt and pepper. Roast at 425F until you can poke with a fork (usually 30-40 minutes). Healthy. Simple. Yum. #simplyhealthy #roastedveggies #eatrealfood #cleaneating #eatwell #livewell #healthcoachlife #glutenfree #vegetarian #vegan #IINhealthcoach #healthcoach #healthyeats #eattherainbow #healthylifestyle #healthcoachlife #healthymama #mealplans #simplemeals #mealprep #fall

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For now, I won’t be offering as many programs. I will be focusing on sharing with you my favorite recipes, products and tips for eating simple, healthy foods, and the occasional workout or lifestyle tip. This has always been where I feel the best blogging and I am so excited to get back to it – slowly.

Posts might not come out every Tuesday, or every week, but I will keep you updated about once a month (until we get back to being weekly) with some new posts and recipes.

I am really excited to get back to this and to start cooking, photographing and sharing recipes with you!


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