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3 Simple Reasons to Drink Aloe Water

A few years ago, after becoming a yoga teacher, I decided to learn more about nutrition. I looked at a few programs and decided I wanted to study Ayurveda, the traditional Indian Medicinal System. For about a year, I would meet each month for small group session with an Ayurvedic Practitioner. We would learn about healing herbs, yoga poses and remedies for specific health issues, based on your body type. Each body type would determine what types of ailments and issues the person would be prone to and how to help them support their systems. The heart of Ayurveda is digestive health and how it affects every other aspect of our health, body and mind. I was having some digestive issues at the time with certain foods and decided to have a private session to go over my own health and see what I could do.

During the session, we talked about my indigestion, irritability physically and mentally and the intense workouts I would do. I discovered my body and mind run a bit hot and fiery (temper, anxiety, indigestion) and that I needed to find ways to balance it out by cooling down a bit. It was suggested that I try to eat less spicy foods, slow down a bit with my workouts and practice cooling yoga breath and poses. I was also told that aloe water or juice would be good to incorporate into my diet.

Aloe is known for it’s cooling properties, especially as a topical treatment for the skin.  It is found in many lotions and is one of the main remedies for sunburned skin. It soothes and restores, allowing the body to cool down and heal. What I didn’t realize was that certain aloe can also be ingested to help soothe you from the inside out. The same properties that help soothe your skin can help to soothe your digestive tract and cool the body. This supports your digestive tract, while allowing it to get balanced out again.

3 Simple Benefits of aloe:

  • Soothing: Aloe is known to have a cooling affect. This means that is helps to soothe any irritation, inside and out. If you are prone to indigestion, aloe can help cool and soothe the irritation.
  • Digestive: Aloe not only soothes your digestive tract, but it also helps to stimulate it. If your digestive tract moves a little slow, aloe can help things move a little easier (and more regular).
  • Hydrating: Aloe water is also hydrating for your body and restores many vitamins and minerals. It can be added to your daily smoothie, taken as a shot or even by the glass. I like to incorporate it into other drinks

I recently stumbled upon a new way to drink aloe water in the form of detoxwater™. Detoxwater™ is an organic drink that contains aloe for “healing hydration”. Don’t let the name fool you, this isn’t a lemon-cayenne-maple detox drink that will leave you depleted. Detoxwater™ focuses on supporting and nourishing your body, which is exactly what a detox should do. It doesn’t flush out your system when you drink it. Instead it helps you get extra minerals and vitamins, as well as electrolytes, that help your natural systems cleanse a little better. Plus, it has that whole aloe thing going on 🙂

I have been using it on a daily basis and even saw it on the shelves during my last grocery trip. It has helped me stay hydrated and helped me balance out those heavier holiday meals. Plus, it comes in some fantastic flavors.

Where I have used it:

  • During my yoga practice: I have been using this during my more intense yoga practices, since it has electrolytes to replenish me. This is super important as a breastfeeding mom. Hydration can happen easily and is no fun.
  • Walking around town: I love taking long walks around my town, sipping on coffee. To balance that out, I keep a Detox Water on hand to help balance out the caffeine and to hydrate after walking.
  • Running errands: It is easy to grab and take with me in my bag so I know I have a drink if I get thirsty or am stuck out longer than expected.
  • Road trips: Traveling is much easier with a healthy drink that helps keep our digestive tract moving a bit, and hydrate you. There is little sugar, so it is also a great alternative to soda.
  • While I work: I keep a drink on hand while I am working at the computer. This has made it easy to have nearby, especially with a cap I can screw on with a baby on the loose.

Detoxwater™ is available at select stores, but can also be purchased on their site. Purchase on to have detoxwater™ delivered straight to your door, or even better yet sign up for subscriptions to have detoxwater™ delivered every week, other week, or month. Check out the site to learn more about the benefits of aloe, and use the code ALOE30 for 30% off on your order.

You can also check them out on their Facebook page and Instagram to learn even more and see how others are enjoying detoxwater™ and aloe.

Detoxwater™ is also available nationwide ( I saw it recently at my own grocery store). Check out the “Where to Buy” page to find it near you. If you try it and decide to get more, don’t forget you can get 30% off by ordering online with the code ALOE30, and save yourself some money and time.



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