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As an Integrative Health Coach, I help women find freedom in their health and happiness. Freedom means absolutely no restrictions, no deprivation, and no depletion. Instead, I take the guilt and overwhelm out of living healthy and show you exactly how simple it can be to create lasting health and wellness through my signature programs. books, and weekly health tips and recipes.

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Surprise! We are so excited to announce our first baby is due this June! I am 21 weeks pregnant and over halfway to the finish line. It has gone by so fast, and most of it has been spent “hiding” the pregnancy from you all, students in my live classes, and even my colleagues for […]

Apple Cider Vinegar is known around the health world for being a healthy wonder, and some of the benefits have started to go mainstream. ACV is quickly becoming a remedy for digestive issues, to improve overall digestion, and even as a cleansing drink , either store-bought or homemade. Many people add a little ACV to lemon and […]

There are times when you find a familiar ingredients and have to try it in a completely new way, that makes it feel like a new dish entirely. That is exactly what this recipe (inspired by The Pioneer Woman) does. It takes your regular, healthy but boring, cauliflower and turns it into a fabulous alternative to […]