Protein-Packed Super Salad

protein packed saladbroccoli protein saladI don’t often post straight up salad recipes, but in truth, I eat them quite a bit. Lately we’ve been making a large batch once or twice a week so we can pack a lunch or have it ready to go when we get hungry. With most salads, I throw together some ingredients to keep it a good mix. It doesn’t seem like much of a recipe, so I only feel right share the ones that are super yummy, have a little something different, or help you figure out how to put them together. Continue reading

Creamy and Rich Chocolate Pudding

chocolate pudding headerSometimes you just need a little chocolate – specifically pudding. This was the case last week. I wanted something creamy, I wanted chocolate, and I wanted pudding.

The craving hit after I realized two things:

1) I had just found cashew milk at the grocery and needed a recipe to try it with and

2) I had a package of silken tofu in my fridge that needed to be used up before it went bad

Put the two together, sweeten it up, add in some chocolate and you have the perfect pudding on your hands…well, in your dish. Continue reading

Simple Baked Pita

oven baked pitasimple baked pitaSometimes, the best way to make something is to keep it simple. I find that when I have a ton to do, I over complicate things, get super stressed, and everything kind of goes awry. After a website and program launch last week, a few late-nighters pre-launch, and a to-do list a mile and a half long, this weekend has left me less than refreshed. The week ahead seems complicated, jam-packed, and not quite the way I envisioned it. But when I really sit back and look, there are things I can let go and make it much less complicated. Continue reading

Welcome to Your New Home for Healthy Living

First Step

I feel like I owe you an apology – you see, I have been a little MIA lately. While I am still posting recipes, since before the holidays, I have been behind the scenes working on a new program and a brand new site, And they are both finally ready to reveal!

Here’s the deal – Since the beginning of last year, I have been struggling with a decision – as I move forward with books, programs, magazine articles, and changing views on health and happiness, where does The House of Healthy fit in? What is my brand, my style, and my voice? How do I move from a site of recipes and workouts to something I am even more passionate about? And how do I bring it forward, without abandoning something that I love? Continue reading

Oatmeal Jam Squares

oat jam squaresoatmeal jam squares blog
Somehow, we ended up with a ton of jam and jelly after the holidays this last year. We received them as gifts and giveaways, in a variety of delicious sounding flavors. We were lucky they were made from farms, either locally or using fresh ingredients. Any they have all been delicious so far, BUT with so many, it would take forever to eat enough toast to use them up.

Instead, I decided to use them in one of my favorite activities – baking ;) Continue reading

Sweet Onion and Goat Cheese Rolls

onion rollsonion balls blog

Sometimes I forget that a simple part of the meal can actually become the main showcase of the meal.

For example – onions. I was browsing through an issue of Eating Well and stumbled upon a few recipes showcasing onions – rings, rolls, roasts and more. And the one thing I knew I had in my fridge was an onion- because, honestly, who doesn’t usually have one laying around the kitchen somewhere. Continue reading

Best Ever Cole Slaw – It’ll be Gone Before You Know It!

cole slaw headerWe have a tradition around our house each New Year  – grab a head of cabbage, place it on the dinner table, and it will bring good luck. We also eat sauerkraut and/or collards with black eyed peas. We’ve also found that actually eating the cabbage ont he table – instead of letting it go bad – helps to increase your luck for the year ahead ;)

This year, we decided grabbed two heads of cabbage – because the purple one was so pretty! I had no idea how I would ever use up all this cabbage, but I knew I didn’t want it to go to waste. I didn’t want to waste food, but I also didn’t want all that good luck to end up in the compost heap. So, I decided to make 2 recipes. One is the usual “good luck” cabbage recipe – stuffed cabbage (which I have prepped, and will be making in a few days). For the other, I figured I would throw together a cole slaw recipe, we’d eat a little, and hopefully no waste too much. Man was I ever wrong on this one!

We in fact did not waste our cole slaw. We dug into it, for a dinner, lunch, pre-dinner snacks, and finished it at dinner. According to my hubby it was “the best cole slaw he’d ever eaten”. Quite the compliment, and quite possibly the truth. Continue reading