Hi, I’m Jessi Andricks

your personal health coach and author of the book Detox 101.

As an Integrative Health Coach, I help women find freedom in their health and happiness. Freedom means absolutely no restrictions, no deprivation, and no depletion. Instead, I take the guilt and overwhelm out of living healthy and show you exactly how simple it can be to create lasting health and wellness through my signature programs. books, and weekly health tips and recipes.

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My Favorite Programs and Products

Get healthier and happier than you thought possible, without restriction, depletion, or deprivation. Sounds to good to be true? I promise, it is absolutely within your reach.

Latest + Greatest from the Blog

I am officially back from vacation, and as usual, have been having a hard time turning my “work” brain back on. Some vacations seem more like work than a vacation, but not this one. This past week, I was on a true vacation – unplugged and off the grid for a week. We stayed in a […]

In the heat of the summer, nothing beats an icy, mocha coffee drink. While frappuccinos and iced lattes may be tempting, they are often loaded with unnecessary sugar, syrups, and artificial colors, chemicals, and additives. Basically, a seemingly innocent summer drink can be loaded with unhealthy ingredients that, after consuming regularly, can irritate your stomach and […]

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