Warm Up Well: Lentil and Vegetable Soup

lentil and vegetable soupLentil SoupAhh, today I am in need of some comforting food. I am exhausted after almost a week of getting up early, trying new workouts (aka fabulous mind-body techniques), spending all day soaking up knowledge or walking around the city for hours, taking in another workout or lecture, walking around until dinner, writing an article for a deadline, and heading to bed probably a bit too late. And then the Red Eye home – ugh, I am not made for those. I can sleep almost anywhere, but not well. I wake up often, fidget, and feel sleepy all day. Continue reading

Healthy Travel Eats

travel eats and treatsSo far, this weekend has been a blast and MAN my legs are so sore. I was thinking it would be my abs – it is a Pilates conference after all – but I’ve been heading to some of the out-pf-the-box classes that translate more into the Energy Flow and Barre classes I teach.

I’ve also been super hungry from all of the workouts, so in addition to stopping at some local eateries, I made sure to pack plenty of travel-friendly, healthy foods. I picked these specifically so I could take them on a plane – no liquids involved – and supplement some meals if needed. I also made sure to pack some little extras, like probiotics (keep digestion healthy when traveling), tea to help me sleep (or wake up), and extra greens and vitamins to add to my water to keep my immunity up. I also packed some organic candy, because, why not?  Continue reading

Quick and Easy Kale Slaw

Q&E Kale Slawkale slaw saladside kale slawCrazy food confession: sometimes, the thought of eating kale makes me want to cringe. I know, I know, I tell you all the time to eat more greens, and that Kale is King. I absolutely enjoy kale when I eat it, I love it in smoothies and juices, and I even enjoy it in a salad. But for some reason, when I am trying to decide what to make for dinner,and I think “kale” the first thought that goes off in my mind is “eh”. Not bad, not good, just , eh. Continue reading