Seattle Day 1

Long time no see! So we have finally made it back from our travels out west where we had many fantastic adventures.

The first stop was four days in Seattle, Washington to visit some friends. We landed pretty early in Seattle, which meant we left the east coast before dawn. Once we landed, we hopped on the Link Light Rail and headed downtown to meet our ride and our friend. We parked and headed to the market. Since we were exhausted, we made our way straight to Starbucks, which wasn’t hard to find since they are on almost every corner. We happened to find the very first Starbucks. After a much needed caffeine buzz, we headed to Pike’s Place Market where we saw the famous fish market, the extremely colorful (and inexpensive!) flower bouquets, and some vegetables varieties I’d never seen before. I tried my first wheat grass shot here. The woman at the juice bar was kind to give me a pineapple slice to “chase my shot”.

We strolled around the city a little more looking for some vegan food and stumbled upon a fantastic Vietnamese restaurant called Long. I enjoyed the lemongrass tofu and noodles with a huge pot of green tea, while my hubby had the Long Provincial Vegetarian Rice, featuring the Lemongrass tofu, faux prawns, and tons of veggies. Unfortunately by this point, we were way too hungry to stop and take a picture of our meals before we inhaled them. I will say though, it was the best prepared tofu I have ever had and I highly recommend it to anyone in the area.

With our bellies full, the next stop was the Seattle underground tour.  We headed below the city to learn the history of how the original city was built – before it burned down and was rebuilt a story above. Many years ago, Seattle was built in a flood zone, burned down, was rebuilt, the roads were raised, and then the city was raised a level as well. We took a staircase down below some of the shops and toured the paths underneath the city. From there, we could see the old store fronts and look up into the skylights within the sidewalks above. It’s crazy to think that the sidewalks and streets are really the second story of the city.

For one last stop, we headed to the Space Needle. We walked around the Seattle Center, lied around in the grass, and watched some kids play in the nearby fountain.  Let me tell you, there is nothing like laying in the grass after a long day. After that, it was late and we were pooped, so we headed to the house to rest up for the next fun-packed day. 

Stay tuned for more travel updates including tomorrow’s restaurant review and hike through the mountains!

Peace, love, and all good things,


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